How To Maintain An Erection Without Pills

how to maintain an erection without pills



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If you are looking at how to get and stay harder for longer, our how to maintain an erection without pills infographic will do the trick.

Unfortunately, pills do not always necessarily mean that you are safe. Not just that, they also do not work every time.

With that, you are a whole lot safer with exceptionally better results if you decide to change your lifestyle.

Sometimes, the smallest tweaks can create remarkable returns. And if that means going healthy to have sex for longer – count me in!

OK, but seriously, when you find yourself in a tunnel that seems to have no light at the end, you first need to calm down.

Know that everything will be just fine.

It happened to all of us, I guess. Just grasp on this – you are not the only one.

On top of that, regardless of your situation, you should always keep it simple and believe. Believe in yourself, that you can keep things going like a true champ.

Anyhow, this guide on how to maintain an erection without pills is a helpful one. Even if you are already doing OK, you can always optimize and take things to the next level.

If you have sex for 20 minutes, wouldn’t it be fun to enjoy it for half an hour? Even longer?

Avoid pills and maintain an erection the natural way

1. Talk to your partner, MORE

If you have a partner that is happy to help, well, you sure are on the right path. If you are alone, well, that’s sort of a different story. Still, if you honestly talk about it, things might work out just well. Hey, we are only humans.

2. Relax, do not get too excited right away

Okay, now let’s get to the business. When you get too excited too quickly, just remind yourself to take it easy. There is no point in rushing; after all, you can enjoy the warmup for a bit longer before you proceed with the action. Learn how to eat pussy like a boss and gain all the additional knowledge on how to make her orgasm.

3. Eat a healthy, nutrition-rich diet

This one is just something that you should be doing anyway. Sure, a cheat day here and there will not hurt anyone. However, if you are on a good diet for 90% of the time, your body and your penis will be very thankful.

4. Exercise at least 4-times a week

Along with eating healthy comes a workout. These two tips alone will surely help you improve and maintain your erection without pills. If you haven’t been working out for a long time, progress slowly, 2-times a week and then go from there.

5. Get enough sleep

Some people say that they will sleep when they are dead. Well, that’s a bunch of bullshit. Having a good night’s sleep will fill you with energy and that is a guarantee.

6. Reduce or eliminate stress

In this day and age, stress is everywhere. For as long as it is not the good stress, you need to get rid of it as fast as possible. And that does not mean get high or drunk; you should never hide from it. Do it manly, keep calm, meditate, go out, enjoy yourself, be grateful and all sorts of goodies like these.

7. Try Kegel exercises (but don’t rely on them 100%)

If you believe it, it will work out some way or another, you just need to stick with it.

8. Learn how to breathe properly (slow and deep breaths work!)

This one is from my personal experience. Once I learned how to breathe correctly, everything changed for me. I am talking about the really deep breaths, such that you feel down in your balls.

9. Keep your blood pressure low

If you are already following the top tips, this one will be easy for you.

10. Cut down on alcohol, or stop drinking entirely

Alcohol is NEVER the answer, and I am a firm believer of that statement. I do not care if you get drunk every once in a while, but doing it regularly, well, that’s just wrong (and you know it, you just do not want to admit it).

11. Avoid smoking

Even though daily smoking might not be as harmful as daily drinking, still, it inappropriately affects the body.

12. Penis rings

Yes, there are “tools” that you can use, too, and they are called penis rings. Spice things up and have some fun with them. Needless to say, let your partner put it on for you.

13. Try herbs: Panax ginseng, Maca

And if you genuinely need to take something to feel good, try any of these two. Even if they only have a placebo effect, for as long as they work, that’s a good sign for you.

Finally, never forget to feel good, right here, right now, tomorrow, all the time.


I bet some of you are interested in knowing about the penis enlargement techniques, too, right? We have an infographic full of great tips on that, too.

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