8 Tips How To Make A Girl Orgasm

how to make a girl orgasm

We men all want to know how to make a girl orgasm. It’s something we all want to achieve during sexual intercourse. Watching her come in front of our eyes while either doing her with our fingers, tongues or penetrating her with our cocks is very satisfying.

However, helping her climax is a real mystery.

While some of you already achieved it, the others still struggle, figuring out how to make it happen.

Before we continue, let me say the following. It is not all about how good are you in bed and how well do you treat the lady.

She, too, needs to be part of it, relax her body and mind and enjoy the journey. You both need to join forces to make things happen down under for her.

Now how to make a girl orgasm?

This might be the question you are asking yourself over and over again. The puzzle is about to get solved now.

With help from lovely YouTuber, Laci Green, here are 8 tips that every man should know how to make a woman orgasm.

The whole process is not so complicated as it may sound, still, listen carefully, educate yourself and surprise your partner next time you two will spend sexy moments together.

Bare in mind, sex is not science nor is it a series of steps. It’s more like art. Plus, make sure your looks don’t cause to be a road block for you. Grow confidence, be proud of yourself and take things in your hands.

Tip #1: Make sure you have good vibes

First things first, make sure there are good vibes between the two of you outside the bedroom if you would like to have good vibes in the bedroom.

Simple math.

Leave the stress behind and make sure you are on the same page. Good communication is hot, not to mention, a type of foreplay, too. Does that feel alright?


Tip #2: Make sure you do not rush it

Hold your horses! Slow it down a little, no need for hurry. Yeah, yeah, I know, we dudes like to stick it inside right away. It sure is hard to hold yourself back. But stick with it and you will have a way better fuck experience.

Touching, kissing, oral sex, all this combined with slow pace is a must to make a girl orgasm. The mentioned are just as important as the actual penetration.

Tip #3: Make sure you know your partner’s anatomy

Yep, it is clitoris what we are talking about. It sits at the top of the inner pussy lips and it is sort of orgasm’s command center. Not to mention, the G-spot.

Hint: go ahead and try to stimulate the external and internal clitoris at the same time. That’s one of the top tips how to make a woman come. If she won’t explode, at least she will get wet and warmed up.

Don’t go straight to fingering the clit. Build the anticipation, take the time caressing other body parts, make her aroused and only then go and take care of her private parts.


Tip #4: Make sure you are gentle and get it well lubricated

Unless your partner tells you to be a bit rougher, you should always be very gentle when it comes to as delicate body parts as the clitoris is. Take it slowly and lubricate it (or use spit) since this is a very sensitive body part. If it’s over-stimulated or you push too hard it’s going to hurt.

Tip #5: Make sure you ask your partner what feels good

To really help girl orgasm, use words to get to know your partner better. Ask what feels good, what body parts you should touch. Don’t be afraid to talk and get familiar with her body.

Knowing what body parts are more sensitive and which less will help you excite her even more.


Tip #6: Make sure you are steady and consistent when she reaches the point of no return

When she gives you a sign that she is about to come, do not increase the tempo.

Keep it steady and consistent. In other words, just keep doing what you are already doing.

Tip #7: Make sure you keep things fresh

Again, we are moving back to communication. You can keep things fresh by keeping the conversation going about what kinds of things you find sexy, what you fantasize about and other whatnots. As well as what you might try together. Hint: sex toys can be very useful. Just saying.


Tip #8: Make sure you explore different sex positions

This is an extra tip from myself.

Not all sex positions feel the best. Some may even hurt.

That said, make sure you change positions, talk what feels the best and find that special sex position that will make your woman as excited as ever. When finding the perfect one, you are on the ideal way to make your girl orgasm.

There you have it, here are tips and tricks how to make her come. Now it’s up to you how much of it you will implement into your sexual activity.

My last words: Surprise her!


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