Kendra Sunderland Challenges A Gaming Supplement

kendra sunderland gaming supplement

Do you know what gamers and bodybuilders have in common? They both take supplements. Seriously, did you know that game freaks are also on powder? I mean, I guess I truly am getting old. I don’t follow the modern way of game playing anymore. What can I do, I replaced it with porn when I grew old enough. Back in the days, boy, I sure was a true geek, always staying up late, you know, just to finish another level.

To be frank with you, I am happy that I am not the same anymore. On the flip side, I am glad that I went through the crazy video game playing phase. No regrets.

Thanks to the good old friend, porn, I am always up to date with what is going on in the world. You see, you almost don’t need to read news to know what is going on (in the gaming world). On the other hand, we all know porn and gaming go hand in hand. Yes, it is a quite common practice amongst pornstars to play video games. Not to mention, it is very possible that adult stars beat you in a wide variety of video games.

Anyhow, why we are all here for in the first place is due to this hilarious gaming supplement video ad featuring no other than Kendra Sunderland. Seriously, take a minute of your time for a good laugh.

A bunch of comedians, a muscular stud and Kendra put Gamer Up‘s supplement to a test. While the comedians play the video game, Kendra and her fellow star try to distract them. What to say, Kendra is good at it and quite quickly manages to eliminate Greg Stone. “This game is really hard.”

Next one who ends up early is Neko White. The stud is just too much for him. His gentle touch on Neko’s shoulder is too much of a distraction.

Rosebud Baker is so close to finishing, however, the two of them grinding on her eventually makes her start pressing the wrong control buttons and loses. “God damn it! You know what, you fucking play,” and leaves.

At the end, Zac Amico is the only one left. Nothing can really get this guy off. Or maybe he took to large of a dosage of this gaming supplement. Or maybe it is due to the fact that Zac is only attracted to cartoon women.
Who knows, one thing that he knows for sure is that he wants Kendra Sunderland as the prize.

A gaming supplement that gives you focus is a thing now and I was not aware up until this point. And you can get it either in bubble gum or fruit punch flavor. Not that I feel ashamed or whatever, I am slightly in shock instead.

All this made me think, when will a supplement for porn watching be created? Or maybe I just revealed a million dollar idea.
Serious porn consumers (hint: me) would not mind stacking up with it. It is important to not miss a single thing in a porn movie. At the end of the day, it is all for science.

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