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A woman with a body like it would be made out of rubber, Kino MacGregor, is our Monday girl. I believe this is the very first yogi we are announcing our hottie of the week. Who does not like extremely stretchy girls, right?

I have been following Kino for a while now. No, I am not really a yoga enthusiast, still, it amazes me how much can be done with your body when watching all these wizards. But to be frank, I only imagine how many different sex positions you can practice when your body is as elastic as Kino’s is. Not only that, you can very easily invent new poses and add them to the always expanding list of sex moves. I am sure your life never gets boring rather joyful and radiant.

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The blonde babe who will rock your world with her insane body capabilities, Kino MacGregor, is in the game for a long time. Over her rich yoga career, Kino already wrote three books, released several DVDs, found a clothing company, co-founded Miami Life Center and a whole bunch more.

Kino calls herself a world traveler, international yoga teacher, vlogger, blogger and, needless to say, a business woman. This lady is no joke and with all of her sexiness, she is a perfect fit to be crowned Vporn’s Hottie of the week.

Did you practice today? Comment below if you did. πŸ™Practice, like life, is a balance between effort and surrender. If you hit your asana too hard your tension around it means you will block yourself. But if you don't bother to try, then it is surely never going to happen. While you may work yourself sick and burn out, you cannot force your dreams into coming true. And if you just lie there and dream, the chances that your dream will come knocking at your door are quite low. It takes all of your presence and mindfulness to navigate the inner world and walk your path. If you do it with your full attention you won't have time for much else. Don't waste another moment in jealousy, judgement or entitlement. Be humble enough to put in the work, whatever it takes, no matter how long it takes. I work incessantly and strive with tenacity for my dreams but it is grace that has opened up the true channel of success. Ask yourself today: what do I need more of? Effort or surrender? Strength or grace? Disincline or devotion? Listen and wait for the answer. It will come. πŸ™ . #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime πŸ’• . Photo by @ifilmyoga

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Me being a pervert as I am, girls like Kino is always excite me. I mean, aren’t you experiencing at least something going on inside your body when a scorching hot girl stretches her body to the extreme? If not, man, you probably came to the wrong place.

The Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, Kino MacGregor, keeps the positive vibes on her Instagram and entertains her whopping 1.1 million following base on a daily basis. I have no idea how any of the moves Kino does is called but they sure look beautiful.

Can you see the bruises on my legs? What's funny is that I can't remember how I got them. I don't have a memory of bumping into anything. It's like I just woke up and one day noticed them. They'll heal. I'm putting arnica on. But it's strange. I mean, was I battling something in my sleep? Or did I selectively tune out those moments of pain? And sometimes I feel like my mind, my heart and maybe my soul get bruised too. And maybe it's the same way. Like I wake up one day and realize my heart is a little broken over something or my mind is limping along or my soul is weeping a bit. I might remember the source or it might just feel like a bruise left on the field of my awareness. And it will heal, the fibers of my muscles and the fabric of my inner world will be stronger from it. I have faith. I think we are all bruised in our own ways from life, that inside of even the toughest person is a small space of tenderness, a heart that feels much more than we like to let it, a vulnerability that is stronger than we know, and that the little bruises we carry actually make us who we are. Healing isn't always wiping the slate clean and starting over or about returning to what used to be, sometimes healing is about learning to love and accept all that you are, all that you've been through and all that you still dare to dream of. Healing is nothing more than learning how to love. πŸ™ . #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime πŸ’• . Photo by @tiagophotofilm

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Once upon a time I dreamed of handstands. I was never a dancer or a gymnast so when I started yoga I was in awe of handstands. My body isn't naturally strong. In fact if you look closely you'll see all the micro-movements I have to do in order to hold my body in a position of strength. My arms want to give out, my elbows want to bend, my back wants to collapse, my legs want to drop. All the while I talk to myself, speaking the calm language of the inner body, feeling more than thinking, being more than doing, asking more than telling. And somewhere in between the breath, the posture and my focal point I found strength, strength enough to laugh and smile at the good times and the bad. What do you dream of that seems impossible? What are you doing today to make it possible? πŸ™ . #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime πŸ’— . This was filmed behind the Scenes filming for @omstarsofficial @pureyogaofficial today. Guess what we were up to?! More on stories on all accounts. πŸ’«

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Hello Singapore πŸ’— Who knows the name of this pose? Leave me your answer in the comments. πŸ™ . Between two advanced poses named after two great rishis there's a bit of a mix-up. In Ashtanga we call this one Vashishtasana, but in most styles of yoga (including Iyengar) it's called Vishwamitrasana. And vice versa, most styles of yoga call the pose that Ashtanga calles Vishwamitrasana Vashishtasana. It can give you a yoga headache if you think about it too much and if you say these asana's names too many times in rapid succession it can make your tongue hurt too. I guess the only person who could really settle the debate is our teacher's teacher, Krishnamacharya, but he's not around to ask. So who got it wrong? Sri K. Pattabhi Jois or B.K.S. Iyengar? Or does it even matter? There was a time when I would have been dogmatic about the answer, but really, it's just an asana. And I actually figure, as long as we practice both poses we've got our bases covered no matter what you call it. Calling this pose by any other name doesn't make it less difficult, or more meaningful. It's all about what's in your heart. Honestly, I find that if we are too strict or boxed in to our beliefs it's just because we haven't been practicing long enough. It just takes time to settle into the simplest of all truths, that yoga is about so much more than the poses, it's about waking up to the light, the truth, the love that so desperately wants you to let it all in. πŸ’« . #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime πŸ’• .

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Sometimes I dream about yoga. Do you? Whenever I dream about the poses they always show up with much more ease and it's always a pose that I'm blocked at in real life. Like when I was learning handstands I would dream about them all the time. Handstand press, one arm transitions (still can't do), tic-tocs, everything! I'd be flying on my arms at night. Then I'd wake up excited to practice. A small childish part of me thought maybe the dream would be magically real that day in practice but it often took years of hard work to get close to what I'd dreamt. Sometimes I dream about things I want so badly but I have no control over. Lately I dream about my Dad. I see him standing, walking, talking, driving, eating a falafel (he ate his first falafel at my wedding), playing cards (he loves blackjack), holding my hand, just healthy, better, recovered. And I wake up confused about which reality is real, and for a few moments I latch onto the dream as though it's real, but then I remember I'm here, in this world with its truths and its suffering, in this place in my life right now where it takes everything in me to believe in the impossible becoming possible. I believe in love, and maybe that's the real miracle, the only one we really truly need. πŸ’— . Day 19 is Straddle Handstand. πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ . Tag @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial in all your posts. Use code "wearelive" to get your first month for $5. πŸ’« . #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime πŸ’• .

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Watch. Listen. Wait. Miracles are waiting for you around every corner. But you can't force the supernatural. It only happens when you let go, turn it over and trust. You need faith. And an attentive spirit. Watch for signs, demonstrate your patience, be mindful of everything that is said and done. Listen, show your humility, be willing to not know, soften your heart and be receptive. Wait, be strong enough to stay the course through obstacles and adversity, never give up, be tenacious and spiritually fierce. Today is a sunny day, both in the sky and in my heart. And it's all because yesterday I watched for the signs, I listened to wisdom and I waited for my miracle. No matter how small, celebrate every victory. Turn your thoughts to gratitude, sit in positive expectation, practice joyfulness and choose happiness. πŸ™ . #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime πŸ’« . Photo by @beachyogagirl πŸ’— . Workshops: Miami Beach Sydney, Australia Kuala Lumpr, Malaysia Singapore Hong Kong Shanghai Taipei Korea Details on

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I woke up this morning to be called a farce, a disgrace, superficial, a sheer contradiction to yoga, preoccupied with the exterior, blah, blah, blah. I am so sick of trying to prove myself to other people and fight back against harsh judgements. Maybe I just need to accept that I have never been someone to make other people feel comfortable, meaning, for whatever reason I have always pushed people's buttons just by being me. I'm pushy, meaning, I push myself, I push boundaries, I ask and ask of myself, of other people and of my world. I do not quit. __ I don't have conventional views and I don't fit nicely in a box. I am not here to make you feel better about yourself by spouting affirmations and platitudes or telling you what you want to hear. I am here to challenge you. Yes we need to learn how to think kind and gentle thoughts about ourselves and our world, but we must also be brave enough to see the truth especially when it's ugly and unflattering. Yes, we must love and forgive ourselves and our world, but we must also break the chains of destructive behaviors and stop coddling the ego. I don't believe that we need to be spoonfed a baby version of spirituality that is easy to digest. I believe no matter where you are and what your life situation is you are yearning for the deepest and most authentic connection possible. I believe in your greatness and I will never speak to your smallness. I believe you are better than that. I see your potential, not your faults. I sit with positive expectation for the future, not the heavy baggage of the wounded past. I steel myself against the nasty storms but I keep a heart soft enough to sway with the gentle winds. __ For me the spiritual path has always been an epic inner battle and I wanted to be my own Khaleesi. I was once a victim to the cruel world at large and I recast myself as the hero of my own life story. I knew that I'd need both to believe in myself and to practice with my whole heart. In other words, for me, it's about equal parts grace and grit, fire and water, fierceness and compassion. I am a walking contradiction. But aren't we all? πŸ™ #practiceyogachangeyourworld

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This morning I sit with a heaviness on my heart. There is the tune of grief playing persistently in the background that I can always hear. And then there are the daily struggles that lately just feel like they're pushing me against a wall, into to a corner, circling like vultures around my sanity. I used to be so definite, so sure about everything. I used to be uncompromising, such a fighter, but now, I don't know. It's not that the fire is gone, but maybe that peace has taken over where agitation used to be, like I'm finally relaxed, finally able to just be myself. And sometimes that means admitting that I'm not on top of the world, that maybe just for today or for a few days I'm not feeling great. Understanding my own sadness has been a big part of my spiritual journey. The practice has taught me how to make friends with my own darkness and yet not let the depression that I know so well drag me down for too long. So for right now I observe: sadness. Sadness is present. I am not running from it. I am not pushing it away. I am not trying to solve it or analyze it. I am not digging to the root and getting rid of it. I am simply sitting with it. Observing in a state of mindful, peaceful acceptance. Sadness is. But it's not forever. πŸ™ . #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime πŸ’— . Photo by @ifilmyoga

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I'm not perfect, nor do I get it right all the time. I try and fail all the time. Instead of being overwhelmed with all the times I get it wrong (which is my natural tendency), I train my mind to focus on the learning, the evolution, the hard-won faith, the grit and the grace. In fact, I attribute the times that I actually did manage to get it right to grace, more than anything else. All our effort must be balanced with a kind heart, a receptive spirit, a softness of the soul. Otherwise we end up thinking we can bend the world according to our will. We can't. You can't. I can't. No one can force something to happen that isn't meant to happen. No amount of willful determination can reverse a course that is destined to be. Look for the place where your will is in alignment with the greater Divine plan. Fall into surrender and get out of your own way. Realize that you're not here to pass some perfection test, or settle some score, you're here to give a little more love to your world. I guess it starts with forgiveness or at least it does for me. Forgive yourself for all those times you said the wrong thing, did the wrong thing, made a mess. Let go of any shame that might hide the beauty of your spirit. Exchange negative inner dialogue with gentle words of understanding. Replace resentment with compassion and grow your heart bigger. Walk away from the ego's familiar territory of pride, jealous and haughtiness. Claim the heart's space of wisdom, kindness, patience and tolerance. Learn to love yourself not despite all your flaws, but because of them. And learn to love your whole world, the good and the bad, the light and the shadow, the pain and the glory, the happiness and the loss–love it all. Love is the only answer that really matters. πŸ’— . #ibelieveinlove πŸ™ . Come practice with me in Dubai, Miami, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Michigan, Mexico City, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Shanghai and more! Full schedule on my website: πŸ’« . Photo by @ifilmyoga

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My world used to be dominated by a big ball of emotions waiting to erupt like a volcano. I used to implode in pouts and explode with dark moods. The last twenty years of my life have taught me lessons, some I learned easily but most cost me something. I burned friendships and relationships, sabotaged myself and my business, hijacked conversations into narcissistic self-absorption, created hostage crisis instead of intelligent conversations, willfully ignored my own issues, escaped into addiction and self-destruction, just to make a few. I mean, there are few things I haven't messed up. But somewhere along the way a little seed of faith took root in me. I learned how to believe in myself. But I also learned that the world doesn't revolve around me, the world revolves around us all. Humility, not self-denigration, is the recognition of our equality in the spirit. But you cannot respect or honor someone else until you learn to respect and honor yourself. You cannot take care of someone else if you haven't really learned to take care of yourself. Yoga works because the practice is really an education in the human spirit. You find peace because you find out who you are meant to be, who you really are and having always been. You find happiness because you finally let your heart open to all the light that surrounds you. You find balance by learning to accept imbalance. The beautiful tableau of life is a work in progress, a masterpiece of the mind and heart that is only completed for ephemeral instances when love wins out. Then it's back to the drawing board to do it again. Strength is about finding the will power, the stubborn hope, the fierce determination to keep telling the story over and over again until all that's left is love. πŸ’— . #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime πŸ™ . Go to and sign up for my newsletter to stay tuned about the next chapter of the story of my life @omstarsofficial Full update coming very soon! πŸ’« . Photo by @ifilmyoga

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I just had a meltdown on Periscope. Well, more of a rant. A student sent me a message to check out a FB thread written about my practice. Right there I should have just said, thanks but I’m not interested in reading a bunch of negative comments about myself. But I took the bait. So, the gist of the negative comments say that I’ve learned the hard way that advanced poses create injury, in reference to an injury sustained while teaching. It is astounding to me how many people to this day still think that I got injured practicing. It happened while teaching on a day when I did a light practice. The real downer here is that there are yoga police who look at my practice, my shorts and well, just me, and judge me harshly. They say I’m just a contortionist/gymnast and that I’m not doing yoga. First of all contortionist/gymnasts deserve every ounce of respect we can give them for their hard work and dedication! Then, who has the right to judge what is and what isn’t yoga? Yoga is an inner experience of the infinite, a devotion to the highest truth within. How can we say that someone who practices lightly is more or less in touch with the inner realms than someone with their leg behind the head? My practice is my practice. I share my honest unedited practice in full length on Periscope because I believe in showing the good and the bad in equal measure, in revealing that the struggle is real, that some days I go deep, but other days I take it easy. What is yoga if our hearts are not big enough to embrace the things which we cannot understand? If we look at a modified Trikonasana and see yoga happening, then why can’t we look at a full split and see yoga happening? We are all on the spiritual path and rather than spending time judging what is or isn’t yoga, let’s just practice. Because the moment your heart touches the infinite, the revelation of grace puts everything into perceptive. It doesn’t matter whether or not you do a handstand, what matters is kindness and tolerance. Practice until your mind stretches, your heart expands and you can hold the whole world in it. Along the way, give everyone the space to walk the path in their own way. And just practice.

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