The Life Path Of Hugh Hefner [Infographic]

life of hugh hefner

Rest in peace Hugh Hefner

the life path of hugh hefner



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In memorial of Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy, we put together an infographic that follows the life path of Hef.

It was last Wednesday when a shocking news hit the world of Hef’s passing. He was 91. You can read more about it, as well as how Hef is remembered by pornstars in an article we published the following day. But I am sure you are all already well familiar with the sad news.

My first encounter with Playboy is fairly blurry. I was probably 10 or something. Back when still living with my parents, the house we were living in had several attics. This one was special, right above the garage and only accessible with a ladder. For some reason, I always liked to hang out up there. Alone.

I don’t exactly remember it entirely, but there was a ton of sand in big barrels which I loved to play with and making a whole bunch of mess out of it. Also, there were a ton of tiles which I was using for constructing god knows what. And breaking them, too.

Before I found this special box, it probably passed a year or whatever. Well, there it was, a carton box which I discovered behind the clutter. Every kid is super attracted to mess and untidiness. I do not know what is the case but I was no different. I always got intrigued when I saw a big pile of stuff of all kinds. However, I never was a hoarder.

retro playboy magazine

Anyway, I opened the box and there were all kinds of magazines stacked one on top of the other. I had no idea what they were all about and, obviously, I took out the top one. Once I began flipping through pages, I found out it is full of naked women.

Being in the years when I started learning what truly I have my dick for, of course, I instantly grew a boner. And this is how I first stumbled across Playboy. You guessed it, the following months I was spending my afternoons in the attic enjoying myself.

It was really safe because no one could find you. Not to mention, when someone did find out where you are at and before they were up, you already had it all sorted. For everyone, I was playing with the sand and tiles but in reality, I was playing with my pecker.

But then something mysteriously strange happened. This one day, when I got home from school and rushed to the attic, the box was no more. Someone took it.

Up until this day, I still do not know who took the box full of Playboy magazines. I actually never really aimed to solve the mystery but I am somehow sure it was my father. Who else, right? Or maybe my brother secretly knew about this spot, too. But he was a geek and rarely left the room and went outside.

All I can say is, thanks, dad, for hiding them up there. I do not know when would I first got the opportunity to flip through the magazine otherwise. Maybe that is the reason why I turn into such a perv I am today. If it wouldn’t be for those Playboy magazines, I might not even be here today, writing about them.

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  1. rokr says:

    When was your first time getting a chance to flip through Playboy?

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