Hottie of the week – @meital_oved123

I definitely like discovering fresh faces who I have no idea who they are, @meital_oved123 being one of them. What’s more, I do not even know for sure what’s her name. Is she even real? She is so perfect it seems like she is someone from another planet. A blonde doll with a pair of big fake boobs and a truly exceptional body physique. I sure do love every inch of this blonde hottie.

While I continued browsing Instagram the other week, I stumbled across @meital_oved123. I tried and figured out who she actually is but was left without any luck. After a few attempts, I gave up and dedicated more of my time to her sexy pictures instead.


Sometimes, you just do not need to know everything to have the fun you want for yourself. That said, instead of questioning yourself who @meital_oved123 is, forget about it all and treat yourself to all the images she posts on her Instagram profile.

Sadly, they are not of the highest quality. She is an amateur. Where does @meital_oved123 even come from? I have no freaking idea. For as long as she keeps on posting all this raunchy imagery, I am a fan!

A ton of beach vibes will definitely get the summer hype going full tilt. One thing is for sure, this blond model, make-up enthusiast, however you want to call her, sure does know how to enjoy herself. And she takes you on a journey through her life and invites you to join her on the journey of bikini madness.

Sometimes she works out, the other times she approaches another lady with a kiss and all the other special occasions, @meital_oved123 relaxes on the beach making everyone passing by drive crazy.

By the way, are her boobs actually real or are they fake?


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A post shared by מיטל עובד (@meital_oved123) on


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  1. dammitcut says:

    meital oved is an israeliname
    that means shes from israel

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