Naomi Campbell Topless Looks Better Than Ever

You have seen Naomi Campbell topless before and you will see NC topless (and bottomless!) today. Let’s make something clear first: if I were not to look up what’s her age, I probably would not be here, writing about her.

I’ve been writing about hot babes, pornstars and everything sex related for a few years now and it is my first time writing about Naomi. I know, right! How that it did not happen before? Well, it just did not.

I guess I really needed to wait for all this time to finally grow up and be able to start digesting her natural beauty. But is it still all-natural? Not to mention, I probably will never grow up. Just saying.

I am not really sure what Naomi is doing, but boy, she is 46, and she looks super stunning. Every single part of her body is magnificent and like of a girl who is in her early 20’s.

Many youngsters, without a doubt, envy her beauty. Will she ever start aging? It seems she stopped getting older early in her life.

They say that you see if a woman is old or not by looking at her knees and her hands. How heavily all these photos of topless Naomi Campbell are photoshopped I do not know, but you can clearly see that her knees and her hands look very young.

At the end of the day, I truly don’t care what is happening behind the scenes. I am here for the final product. Hopefully, you are too because all these photos of Naomi are mind-blowing.

Naomi Campbell topless and bottomless to increase the peace

What we are all really here for are Campbell’s boobs and ass.
First the tits. Aren’t they standing just perfectly? And those small dark nipples, they sure do make my imagination running. Hot AF indeed. Even while writing this, I continuously check her boobies and her nips, they are a huge distraction. Oh well, you do need to spend extra time at such gorgeousness.

Second, the ass. Even if she is super slender and owns a pair of long slim legs, Naomi cannot hide the fact that she is an ebony woman. It might be small but let’s face it, it is still considered a bubble butt. It’s tight, and it sure is firm, just like the rest of her body.
What in the world are you doing, Naomi, to keep that extraordinary body from getting old? Girls all around the world would like to hear about your secret.

As you may notice, these Naomi Campbell topless pictures are published in the German GQ magazine, February 2017 issue. I am afraid that these won’t be published elsewhere. So, if you aren’t from Germany and you have a German friend, make sure you hit him or her up immediately.

Believe me, you do need to have this copy of the magazine. Nothing better than flipping through a magazine and enjoying sexy photos of a hot supermodel, Naomi.

For the rest of the world, have this photo gallery to enjoy yourself, checking Naomi’s boobs and butt. To be honest, I am all about her rear.

Not saying that I would not put special attention to her breasts, too, it’s just that I like asses more. And that is one round ass that I absolutely adore.

By the way, do you still remember the controversial photo Naomi posted on her Instagram in the name of #freethenipple?

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  1. rokr says:

    Do you find Naomi hot as fuck? She old but she so fuckable!

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