Nicole Love Needs To Borrow Your Cock For Her Asshole

Some roommates are perfect, and Nicole Love happens to be just that. She bursts into the living room, and she has a lot on her mind. It turns out that Nicole is pretty upset and she needs your help. She’s spent her entire life without experiencing the joy of anal sex.

Nicole is sick of it and things need to change. You are the only person who can help her out. She has seen that cock you are packing and Nicole wants a piece of it.


It looks like it would fit into her naughty hole perfectly. If she’s going to try anal, that’s what Nicole needs.

No time is wasted in her pursuit of your man meat.

Nicole’s clothes fly off as soon as you agree to help her out. She may just be your roommate, but Nicole Love thinks of you as much more.

You’re the best dick around and she needs it now. First, you’re going to have to loosen her up. Her asshole is totally virgin, after all. Get her down on her knees with her ass up in the air.

You’ll have to use your fingers to get the ball rolling. There’s no way you fit inside that thing otherwise.

Once Nicole is all stretched and ready to go, maybe you can take a little time for yourself. You can just jam yourself in there, but where’s the fun in that?

You have to keep in mind that Nicole Love is having her very first anal. You’re going to have to make it an experience to remember.

Lie back with your dick in her face and let her have a little fun with it. She’s so worked up that your shaft is going to disappear right down her throat. Don’t worry about choking her, though. Her ass may be a virgin, but her mouth is an expert at cock.

After Nicole has had her fill of sucking on your swollen balls, it’s time to take care of business. Get her on her back and enjoy the view for a minute.

It’s no secret at all that Nicole Love has a perfect set of tits to stare at. Feast your eyes while you slide your dick into her pussy. Take care of her clit to get her drenched and lube you up. You will need it for the difficult task to follow.

If you do a good job, then you might just get rewarded.

Take your time when it comes to sliding into her ass. Let it stretch on your head as you work it in. Feel it give way and start to pull you in by the shaft.

It’s a cock hungry butthole and this is its very first meal. All you need to do is make Nicole cum and she will give you everything you have ever wanted.

Nicole has already invited two of her friends over to fuck your brains out to celebrate. Give her the fucking she deserves and she will call them in. You do not really have a lot to lose by getting her off.

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    Well, will you let Nicole play with your cock?

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