5 Not So Popular Sex Positions (don’t try this at home)

A collection of 5 crazy sex positions that we don’t recommend you try at home

not so popular sex positions



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There are these crazy and not so popular sex positions that are almost too scary to try.

Would you like to spice things up between the sheets? Are you after trying something different and not the boring old missionary and doggy style again and again?

Well, these five weird sex positions are definitely the ones that we do not advise you to give a go. Seriously, someone might get hurt, and you sure do not want that.

But why did we even bother putting them into an infographic to spread the word about them, you may ask. Well, you can consider them a comic for a good laugh.

Come on, would you really want to practice the Angry Dragon on a lady? Or possibly Ride The Bull? Let me answer the question for you. You do not want to.

No one is here to kick somebody or whatever. We are all here to entertain ourselves. And if that means with these not so popular sex positions, then be it that way.

We are all always down for a good round of laugh, aren’t we?

There are a whole bunch of other ways that will help you bring novelties into the bed. One simple way can be watching porn videos or simply use a sex toy.

For your information: according to pornstars, porn is not harmful to couples.

Still, there are hundreds upon hundreds of other sex positions that you sill need to practice that you have no idea they even exist (hint: Kamasutra).

5 not so popular sex positions which you should not give a go

Angry Pirate

angry pirate sex position
During a blowjob, the man takes his penis out, aims and cums in her eyes. While she shows the (obvious) sign of dissatisfaction, he kicks her in the shin. The poor girl is in pain and anger, while he laughs out loud, watching her walk difficulty.


houdini sex position
When a guy reaches the point of no return during the doggy style, he pulls his bone out and spits on woman’s back. Thinking he came on her back, she turns around, and he releases the cum straight in her face.

Angry Dragon

angry dragon sex position
The very moment he fills her mouth with a warm load of penis cream, he smacks the back of her head as hard as possible and makes the semen drip out of her nose. When she stands up, she looks like an angry dragon.

The 300

the 300 sex position
When spending naughty moments on a balcony, or somewhere else outdoors with a view, the stud pulls out his member mid-sex session and screams, “This is Sparta!” Then 300 boots the partner over the balcony.

Ride The Bull

ride the bull sex position
Meanwhile, when having anal sex, the man reaches around and grabs her boobs firmly. When the action gets more and more pleasurable, he yells, “I have AIDS!”
The fun part: trying to stay on her for as long as possible.


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  1. Edivaldo Teixeira says:

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  2. Steven says:

    Instead of screaming you have aids….(dumb idea) just call her another womans name. .scream u got aids…..thats not even frickin funny

  3. saman says:



    first class !

  5. rokr says:

    Do you have any other wicked sex position ideas that you would like to share?

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