Fucked By The Police

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A thing I like about vintage porn magazines is their greater attention to scene-setting. Don’t just sell me some dirty pictures! I’d much rather see those porn photos laid out to tell a dirty story. Bigger page layouts and bigger budgets “back in the day” meant costumes on the porn stars and room for visual plot development. If you enjoy sex pictures packaged with a fantasy, this was awesome.

hotel thief grabbed by a corrupt cop

These photos come from an old Danish magazine that excelled at visual-porn story-telling. Apparently, in those days, as this photo essay would have us believe, the world was rife with female hotel thieves. These sneaky little villains would dress respectably to pass among the hotel guests, then steal valuables from the rooms. Local police precincts would station officers in and around the bigger hotels, to work with hotel detectives in catching these pretty thieves in the act.

strip searched by  the hotel dick

For corrupt cops, this duty was a sexual paradise. They got to toy with an endless stream of clean and attractive non-violent offenders who needed intimate strip searching. And, as long as guests got their valuables back, nobody worried too much about arrest numbers. Which meant an endless buffet of sexual opportunity for police perverts like the star of these photos. Once you find valuables in a hot girl’s underwear, why, there’s almost nothing she won’t do if she thinks you’ll turn her loose afterwards!

strip searched by a dirty cop

Plus, the city’s not that big. After you have your fun with a few desperate perps and then let them walk, word gets around. If you’re not a colossal asshole about it, the sexy-criminal community might even decide robbing your hotel is the safest bet. Before you know it, they’ll be reaching for your dick as soon as you pull out your citation book. And then, down they drop to their knees, giving you a suck-job before you can say “felony breaking and entering”:

cop lets a pretty thief suck him off in exchange for a walk

Of course, cops being cops, there’s a little bit of sadism in every one of them. They get off on exercising power over people. And they have a warped sense of humor. This guy, for example, lets the girls he offers “expeditious processing” to, think they’ll get off by giving him a blowjob and a quick screw against the wall of the parking garage.

fucked against a wall by a dirty cop

Then they quickly find out he’s got a level of sexual stamina that’s almost unnatural. There’s no such thing as a fast fuck with this guy. He’s got the area locked down, and the hotel staff knows to stay away when he’s “interrogating a suspect”. Quick fucks against the wall have a way of turning into long, pounding, pussy-reaming slam-sessions:

fucked up against the wall by a corrupt policeman

And that’s just the beginning of a “non-judicial intervention” the way this dirty cop does them! Eventually his informal detainees get weak in the knees and slump down onto the concrete. He doesn’t care; he just follows them down and keeps right on pounding pussy.

fucked by the police

And what about his nightstick? He’s quick to remind these ladies that he can do anything to them he wants, in any hole. So, he warns them, they better suck his billy club, get it nice and slippery. Does he actually plan to stick that big black thing up their quivering helpless bottoms? Usually not, in fact — or if he does, he just uses the tip. But he really enjoys the sight of them sucking on that hard shaft while he fucks them. And he genuinely gets off on the bit of fear in their eyes as they think about where he’s promised the stick will be going:

fuck the police

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