13 Positive Effects Of Watching Pornography

positive effects of watching pornography

Yes, it is actually good to watch pornography – regularly



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Without a shadow of a doubt, there are very many positive effects of watching pornography. And if you do it regularly, you can experience great rewards from the Smut world.

Instead of figuring things out, we did all the hard work for you. We put together this insightful infographic that reveals all the different and positive effects of pornography.

And you thought porn is terrible for you. Nope, that is most certainly not true. In fact, adult content will do only good for you, your body, your mind, heck, even your partner!

1. Porn boosts sexual satisfaction

It is more than evident that porn and other kinky content boost sexual satisfaction. You can please all your dirty desires and then some. After all, what you think is impossible has, very likely, already happened. Not just that, you have it all documented and ready to see it in a porno.

2. Porn makes us masturbate more

The more you masturbate, the healthier you are. Of course, it is not healthy that you masturbate five times a day (at least not with ejaculation). In fact, if you can control your jizz, then you can masturbate 24/7. Still, do it several times a week, and you will be fresh and clean.

3. Porn fulfills dirty desires

No matter how perverted you are, there is adult content for you. Sometimes, you need to dig a little deeper, but you will find it, and all your desires fulfilled.

4. Porn helps discover new fetishes

If you are unsure what your fetishes are, by watching pornography, you will surely find them. On top of that, you will discover new ones, which is always a good thing.

5. With online pornography, teen pregnancy decreased

According to research, teen pregnancy decreased by 40% since 1980, thanks to pornography. Teens like to masturbate more than have sex.
And this leads us to the sixth point.

6. Sometimes, it is simply better than real sex

Let’s be honest, sometimes, you just want to grab a magazine or pick up your favorite XXX scene and masturbate instead of have sex. Am I right?

7. Porn relieves stress

Some smoke, some do yoga, then again, some folks prefer meditation, well, do you know what we do to relieve stress? Watch pornography, duh!

8. Porn spices up sexual fantasies (as a couple)

With all the different sex positions and ways of having sex, porn gives you more than enough ideas on how to spice things up between the bedsheet.

9. Porn doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction

Everyone who has an issue with erectile dysfunction only has it when with a partner. However, when he is all alone, in front of a screen, watching pornography, there is nothing wrong with his dick. Yes, in the majority of cases, erectile dysfunction is a mental problem.

10. Porn is a form of safe sex

Do I even need to say anything else? You cannot get in trouble when masturbating, making someone pregnant or ill.

11. Porn knows no boundaries

Thanks to porn, we can experience all these dirty and wicked types of sex acts that we would probably never in our lives get to see. Thanks, porn!

12. Porn helps you get creative

Thanks to pornography and your creative thinking, you can come up with all sorts of ideas and ways of how to please your partner. And yourself. Watch porn and take your sex life to an entirely new degree.

13. Watching porn is not cheating

One significant and positive effect of watching pornography is the fact that it is not cheating. Nope, it is not! Watch it as much as you want, and no one can say you are doing something wrong – because you are not!

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