Top 10+ Slow Motion Ass Shots To Relax Your Eyes

slow motion ass shots

Watch slow motion ass shots of sexy girl’s butts get shot at with different objects

This is no porn but it is just as good as. In some case, it’s even better. Did I really just say that? I really did and I do mean it. The moment you will finish watching any of these hot slow motion butt shot videos, you will all agree with me.

Just as much as we need a break from pornography from time to time (not really), so do we need to get our eyes relaxes on sexy asses. A butt a day gets the doctor away they say. OK, I might just come up with that but still, there is some truth behind it.

Just think of it, seeing a hot and tempting ass every day would put a whole new mining to life. If nothing else, it would definitely become a lot more cheerful and happy. And that’s is more than half of the stuff you need to do to achieve healthy, stress-free lifestyle. With this post, actually, any post you see on the Vporn Blog, you are on a good way to a better life.

The good people behind My Rules Media decided to have some fun with their slow-motion camera. That said, they teamed up with sexy models and pornstars and filmed short videos of their hot asses being shot at with different objects. At 5,000 frames per second! That allows you to play vids in like super slow motion. And all this in the name of science.

From gummy bears and pizza all the way to hot dogs and weed, these are the things they stuffed the air cannon with and aim it towards sexy asses. The end results are these wonderful video clips that will water your mouth.

I still cannot decide which is my favorite. Maybe I will go with the one where they pour a gallon of fresh milk all over the lady’s butt. I dunno, it’s just that milk on a girl’s body is something that makes us all excited.

Dude, they even shoot Aria Alexander‘s bum with a bluetooth speaker. Is it poor ass or poor speaker?

The funnest of them all is definitely the giant Wack a Mole with, you guessed it, hot girls’ butts. I would buy one of those and have it in my apartment. I’d play it 24/7 and no one would ever be able to beat me.

Go ahead and enjoy all these slow motion ass shots for a bit of relaxation. For all of you who need even more, follow My Rules Media’s YouTube channel and get treated right.

Two of the best things in the world, a slice of pizza and a butt, meet. I would both lick that ass after it gets smacked with pizza and eat the slice. Five second rule!

I am sure you would all want to be in this guy’s place and smack that ass hard.

That is how you celebrate with a bottle of champagne in style, at 5,000 frames per second.

This is the ingenious Wack a Mole I was talking about earlier. Isn’t it just the best?

Pot smokers might gat sad but I absolutely love watching a girl get a bunch of weed shot at her ass.

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  1. rokr says:

    Who would like to see an ass slapped with a big cock in slow motion (at 5,000 fps!)?

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