February 18, 2020
kneeling enema porn anime banner

Hentai Enema Porn

About a year ago I posted in this space an overview of enema porn. That post suffered from one glaring oversight. I failed to mention the vast popularity of enemas in the Japanese erotic anime community. The hentai art/manga world abounds with them! Indeed, the first enema porn I ever […]
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January 31, 2019
vintage comic illustration of a man shooting out an upper floor window as an enema ends badly

Under Pressure: Enema Porn

Between 1965 and 1975 a man named Michael Hubert Kenyon became infamous around the United States. The special crime that made him notorious? He liked to invade campus apartments and college dormitories to tie up female students at gunpoint. Once he had them in bondage, he’d administer enemas to them, […]
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