Terry Crews Was Addicted To Pornography, No Big Deal

terry crews addicted to porn

I just watched a video on Dr. Phil’s YouTube channel of Terry Crews speaking about his addiction to pornography. For some reason, addiction of such sort, I still find a bunch of baloney.

Terry and his wife Rebecca speak about the situation and how he came out and tell her everything.

Of course, they try and put the bad light on the adult entertainment industry but when you dig deeper, you know it is impossible that dirty videos caused them their marriage. Almost. Or if it did? Damn, Rebecca, you are too conservative and you need to open your mind once and for all.

Whenever I see folks speaking about porn addiction, I burst out laughing. I am probably not the right person to judge these kinds of things, however, I am still a firm believer that there is no such thing as porn addiction. Say whatever you want, but I am a living proof that porn has no affection on the body and mind. But that might just be me or whatever.

terry crews porn addiction

As a matter of fact, the big P turned out to be a very positive thing. At least for me. It sure did open my mind and made me realize how open and relaxed the folks are. Not only that, but it expanded my career and made me do things I never in life would though I would do. How cool is that?

And now, there is this muscular black dude who happens to be super popular, speaking about porn addiction? It just does not make sense to me, sorry. Say whatever you want, just do not talk shit about porn. It’s cool!

I do not know when I actually started watching porn, but it was definitely in the early teens. However, I started excessively watching porn about four years ago. Am I addicted to it? Of course not, you silly!

I could go without porn forever. On the other hand, do I have an addicted personality? You bet! I could say that I am addicted to music, sports and adrenaline, but that is a whole other story.

How that I am not addicted to porn yet? Who even knows!

terry crews and wife rebecca discuss addiction

People say, watch porn for as long as it is not affecting your life. But how could pornography even have an impact on your life if people all around you open to XXX content and do not mind speaking about it. Oh wait, they must be addicted to porn, too?

So, generally speaking, we are all addicted to it, right? After all, we are all watching it. And do not say you do not because I know you do otherwise you would not be reading this.

I know this is the kind of topic that we could chat about forever. Some will agree with me and others disagree. You know what? I am completely fine with it. What’s more, I will always say that porn is good for you. Watch it and enjoy yourself. And if your partner is not fine with it, you better change the partner. Oops, this I really just said that?

terry crews cheating on his wife

Even pornstars say that porn is not harmful to couples. Watch it together, enjoy yourself in it and maybe it makes you try new things.

By the way, why did they disable comments on YouTube? I know, right!

Let me just say that you should watch porn out of pleasure. If you are watching some crazy ass shit and you want to realize that same thing with you partner, chances are, you are in trouble.

But porn addiction? No way!

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