Are There Really Only 7 Types Of Labia?

beautiful labia

There are oh so many variations out there, however, apparently, there are “only” 7 types of labia. What you are about to see are different versions of vaginas which I am sure you are all quite familiar with. It might be that some will be new to you or you have seen in real life a variation of two (or three?). And for the girls, no matter the looks of your vaginas, men sure love them all. For as long as they open up for the cock, it is all good for us. Ain’t I a perv?

Joke aside, just as cocks are of all shapes and sizes, so are pink muffins. It is all the work of Mature Nature. The sooner you get comfortable with how your junk looks, the happier your life will be. Needless to say, the more confident you will be.

Now let’s move on to the fun part. Good people over at Cosmopolitan published an article describing 7 different types of labia. Who better to ask than the plastic surgeon, Mr. Mofid Ibraheim, to share his findings. Over his career, Mr. Mofid saw a wide variety of pink tacos and he finally felt ready to release his discovery into the horny world.

Before we move on to the more detailed descriptions of each, go through quick pussy education for better understanding. Labia majora are the fatter outer lips and labia minora are the inner folds of the labia. Well, that is it. I told you it will be quick.
vagina prominent inner lips

1. Prominent inner lips

This is one of the most common versions of the tunnel of love. What you see from the sketch, the inner lips are longer than the outer lips. To add my two cents, this type of pussy is definitely the most suckable. Or should I say, this labia.

vagina curved outer lips

2. Curved outer lips

Examining it from a distance, you could say this variety looks like an upside down horseshoe. It really does. The labia majora curves around and meets with the labia minora at the bottom. Tasty, don’t you think?

vagina prominent outer lips

3. Prominent outer lips

Similar to the first one just that this time it’s the labia majora which is more visible and longer than the inner lips. The outer lips can be puffy or looser, it totally depends. Would you suck or would you tap with your fingers?

vagina asymmetrical inner lips

4. Asymmetrical inner lips

Is this appealing to the eye? Indeed it is! Every pussy, no matter even if one side of the inner lips is longer than the other, is stunning. In this case, the longer side passes the labia majora what makes it feel irregular but according to the doctor, this is also a very ordinary muff. Make an inch big circle with your lips, press them against her vagina and vacuum it.

vagina small closed inner outer lips

5. Closed lips

The tiniest of them all and the least frequent type of vulva. On the other hand, you and me, we all know how much we are into those small pussies, they just look so mysterious. Haven’t seen one yet in real life so I cannot say how it feels but I can imagine it truly is a treat.

vagina visible inner lips

6. Visible inner lips

Simply gorgeous. Labia minora reveals itself throughout the whole length of labia minora. Described as, “Flower bud about to bloom.” Very enticing and delicious.

vagina small open lips

7. Small but open lips

Almost identical to the closed lips style of labia, just that here, the outer lips are spread apart so the inside aka the labia minora is (almost) clearly visible. Perfect to lick it from the bottom and all the way to the top (and back again).

Which type of labia is your favorite?

Now you know more about the labia majora and labia minora. Some like it if the former is bigger while the others like it if the latter stands out more. Whatever the situation, guys, always take good care of the va-jay-jay and make it wet. And for the girls, have in mind that all your pussies are pretty and cute.

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