19 Unknown Sex Terms You Never Heard Of [Infographic]

A collection of sex terms you never heard of

unknown sex terms



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Would you like to learn about some of the unknown sex terms? They are surely not something you would use in everyday language, but things might change as soon as you gain additional knowledge.

Of course, we picked eight of the most interesting one, however, there are still countless out there.

1. Fling cleaning

When you clean your room just before your date comes in case you get laid later. Let’s face it, no one wants to come home from a successful date to a dirty room. The interest of your partner might go down in a snap of a finger. Even if you plan to get him or her drunk, still, keep your place tidy and neat and they will be excited to visit you again. If there is no way you will clean your room, then it is better to go over to their place, after all, you can run away at any time you want.

2. Manther

This is a more clever name for a male cougar. We all know about the crazy hot cougars, well, men are not different. Handsome and attractive older studs with insane body physiques are definitely the type every young chick would love to hang out with. And you?

3. Truffle butter

Switching between anal to vaginal sex. For whatever reason, many men are obsessed with smashing a tight ass hard and then go straight to pussy fucking. Do not ask me, I have not done it yet.

4. Tribbing

The same as scissoring aka two ladies rubbing their pussies against each other. I am sure that is something you all are very excited about watching. I sure do know I am! In fact, we have a whole collection of tribbing pornos available for your viewing pleasure.

5. Cottaging

Sex activity between gay men at public places such as toilets. We all enjoy the excitement and adrenaline that an idea of public sex gives us, let alone, be part of it. If you have not done it before, it is an almost guarantee that you will enjoy it. Of course, be careful and do not get caught. Do not come back later and tell me I did not warn you.

6. Felching

Felching is another word for sucking semen out of one’s anus. Very tasty, indeed.

7. Amomaxia

Look, if you are too afraid of having sex at a public spot, you can enjoy sexual intercourse in a parked car aka anomaxia. If you take care of your car more than your room, you do not even need to bother about fling cleaning, just spend some kinky moments with your partner in your car and end the date in style.

8. Teabagging

For some reason, men like to place their balls onto people’s faces, heck, in the mouth, too. If this activity is your cup of tea, well, the practice is called teabagging.

Some additional unknown sex terms you might want to be familiar with are:

9. Masturnap

When you fall asleep after masturbating.

10. Pornocchio

When you exaggerate your sex activities.

11. Jackintosh

A computer/laptop which you use only for watching porn.

12. Procrasturbation

When you use masturbation for procrastination.

13. Chode

Fat and thick dicks.

14. Tossing the salad

Eating an asshole out.

15. Dyke

A different word for a lesbian.

16. Typhlobasia

Kissing with closed eyes.

17. Beating the bishop

Male masturbation.

18. Dogging

Have sex somewhere public or semi-public.

19. Himbo

Male bimbo aka attractive but empty-headed man.


If you know of even more unknown sex terms that we missed adding, feel free to share them in the comment section below. We are always learning.

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