vPorn Girls Contest – December 2018 Winners

vporn girls contest

If you are following us, you know that vPorn Girls contests are a real thing and we hold them every month. Not to mention, you probably saw all the hot girls who submitted their pictures already, and you can enjoy them for as much as you want. Like, all the time! Of course, you should not miss coming back, to enjoy some more since we add new on a regular basis.

Anyhow, the month of December, the month of festivities is here and so are the winners of the vPorn Girls contest.

The main rule to get yourself part of the competition is to write vPorn (girls) on your body or even a piece of paper and shot a raunchy photo of yourself. Or if you are a couple, even better! Now, how wild and wicked you want to go, that is entirely up to you, the limits are close to none.

Without further ado, let’s just go to the point and not waste anyone’s time anymore.

One more thing, since we do not play by the rules, instead of the standard, three winners, we picked five. How cool are we? And yes, it’s prize money that we give away to the winners what increases the hype even more.

Winners of vPorn Girls contest

1st place: Sasha

I decided to not leave you only with the pictures and write a few words about each lady. You know, to add an extra shine on them. Sasha, oh wow, where can I even begin? She is this month’s winner of the contest and you already know why. Those boobs are perfect and the way how strategically she wrote “vPorn girls” on her breasts is more than phenomenal.

2nd place: Anna

Anna decided to put on stockings and take a more mysterious picture of her. We like it a whole lot! You might not see her nipples but you know those are spectacular. If you need some motivation for your imagination, stare at Anna’s sexy picture for five minutes straight and see the magic happen.

3rd place: Eugeniya

Eugeniya – what a lovely name – decided to flash us all with her very enjoyable tits and puffy nipples. Instead of writing the sign on her body, she decided to stick with the paper instead, and that is perfectly fine with us! Now that was a well-earned third place.

4th place: Diana

To step things up a few notches, Diana went fully nude, showing us her magnificent assets. Her muffin might be balled, but that is something that is not on display for today. On the other hand, indulge yourself in the amazing upper body Diana has and congratulate Diana for scoring a nice money price.

5th place: Poshlie

The best for the last, or how the saying goes. I told you that couples count, too! Well, if you need proof, here is a picture that will (very likely) get the juices flowing. Oops, did I really just said that. Oh well, you are already on a porn blog where only the kinkiest stuff goes down.

Until next time, have a blast.


Although this is a competition, we are all here for the fun. We love all the ladies and you better head over to the vPorn Girls section to see even more beautiful creatures!


  1. barkov1c says:

    Sasha very hot…

  2. rokr says:

    Who is your favorite?

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