What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About You

favorite sex postion

Did you know about the sex position that you usually go for when you just want a quick fuck means a lot? It can tell a lot about you as a person and about your relationship! Some people might believe that this is just a lightheaded statement. But there are many psychological pieces of research on this topic conducted in the last ten years. Think about your favorite sex position, then check out who you really are!

1. Missionary Sex Position

The missionary position is very popular with the intimacy it offers. It gives us a good sense to touch and great eye contact. It does not need too much movement, but please do stay still like a wooden plank! Enjoy it to the fullest!
If this is your favorite position, this probably means that you are seeking more intimacy, or you are just enjoying it at the same time. This pose is very trendy among people who are not that confident and need a bit of self-care and care from their partners. They might be just a little shy and need just a little kick! And this is okay, as long as you enjoy the experience.

missionary sex postion

2. Doggy Style Sex

This one is one of the all-time favorites! It does not have good eye contact, to be honest, almost no eye contact, and this is a great thing!
This position is very trendy for its animalistic nature! It gives room for our personal desires to come true.
If this is your favorite pose, you are probably very vulnerable to your own instincts, and you most probably love fantasizing about dirtier sexual practices while you are banging your partner from the back! You are probably the dominant one in your bedroom, and this absolutely means that your partner is submissive if they do enjoy this position, too! Not staring at their face makes you feel like you are dominating a little bitch, right? Aren’t you?

doggie style sex postion

3. Cowgirl Position

We can tell that the cowgirl pose is very pleasurable for both partners as it opens a great view! They can enjoy the face of their partner and every inch of their body, and they can fantasize at the same time.
This one is very popular amongst women who are quite dominant in their lives and in their bedrooms. They love taking all the control in their hands in this case and their butts. They can even stimulate their clitoris quite freely. As personalities, these people are usually women with a  lot of power, and they know how to use it! They know how to get what they want! If this is your go-to pose, you are probably confident with your body and with your partner’s body, too. You are a brave ass girl!

cowgirl sex postion

4. Spooning Sex Position

Spooning is very trendy amongst couples who have come to be together in the last few weeks or months and amongst the couples who have already admitted that they had tried every single pose possible in the world, and what they really want is intimacy. This position is very mentally connecting to the other partner. For most people, it might seem a bit boring but, at the same time, it has way too many variations to get bored with them! This is who you are- a person quite conventional, but still, you really need new moments every single day!

5. 69 Position

This one is loved amongst all age groups. It is a pose that offers great intimacy and shows that you have enough trust in your partner so that they can see the most of you! It is very typical for people who are looking for mutuality in their lives and in their beds. If you are one of those people, you probably believe in justice. You get what you give! In life and in bed!

69 sex postion

6. Standing Up Sex Position

These poses are very peculiar for younger couples who are willing to try new sexual practices every other day. The fact that this pose is a bit risky and it can put you in some kind of danger means that you are a person who loves this state in life, too. You are probably someone very willing to be naughty in different places and different situations. Oh, well, most times these are the most inappropriate situations…But who cares? Fuck is a fuck. You should be a man for both adventure and prison!

standing up postion

It is true that some people do not believe in these statements. At the same time, many pieces of research were conducted in the past about this. Now that you have read who you really are. You do not really need to go to see a psychologist to tell you what you need in life. I tell you! You need to get the bang! If you actually enjoy it, just take it! Quick or naughty? You choose tonight! 




  1. Ceesnow says:

    Doggy style, starring up sex position, spooning sex position

  2. May Wady Min says:

    Double Penetration . Both holes at the same time is my favorite

  3. Moin, says:

    …was für ein Blödsinn.
    Fast Jede(r) halbwegs im Sexleben stehende Mensch hat ja wohl schon jede dieser Positionen und auch viele andere ausprobiert ?! Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen das es viele Menschen gibt die immer nur eine bestimmte Sexposition einnehmen.
    Was bin ich /frau, mann dann für ein Typ ???
    Der/die Experientelle???

  4. שלמה says:

    69 ופלמינגו הן עמדות העדיפות של בשני המקרים מעלה או מטה אני חש די נח לרוב אני זה הפאסיבי ונותןל בת זוגי לנהל אותי בסקס כפי שנח לה מצידי היא יכולה גם לקשור אותי ןלעשות בי כרצונה או אפילו סקס אלים מצידה כולל השתנה עלי וליקוק הנרתיק שלה בכל מקרה אצא מרוצה

  5. Poopholebuyer says:

    I like stuffing a pillow under my partner’d pelvis, having her lay the front of her body down flat, legs folded out straight and kept together, not spread apart. The pillow under her pelvis creates a nice hump. This is when you match her pose, laying your front body flat down against her back, and spreading your legs wide around the outside of her closed legs. Not only does the hump allow easy access for the penis to plug into her vagina from behind, but also allows your pelvis to clap comfortably into her fluffed out butt, making a lovely sound, and feels so beautiful. Also, this position has the ability to catch a private smell she may be insecure about, however your on top of her back, causing her to not notice it. Last but not least, my favorite reason, is that you’ll have the perfect view, looking down to see her.cheeks clapping open and.closed, getting the ultimate front row seat, watching her anus wink between her.clapping ass cheeks. Allow yourself to smell her stinky asshole while folding her cheeks apart so you can state good and long at her lovely poophole. This position is super comfy, and feels so uniformed.

  6. وقاص says:


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