Anal Sex In The Workplace

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This is a story (excerpted from a very graphic novel by the French erotic artist Ferocius) about a security guard named Jonas. He’s young and horny. He’s not very nice. And he’s low man on the corporate totem pole. The secretaries make him fetch their lunches, and they laugh at him. On the night shift, he mostly sits around, dreaming an endless sequence of misogynistic fantasies about the office women. And, he jerks off. Boy howdy, he jerks off!

anal masturbation fantasy

Jonas has big dreams. He’s going to send off one of those coupons for mail order art school. He’s gonna become a famous artist. He’ll be rich. And then he’ll be the boss! He’ll show ’em all, then.
He’s gonna “re-interview” every last female employee who ever slighted him. Line them up, and make them fuck for their jobs. Did I mention Jonas isn’t very nice?

lined up for fucking interview

Oh, yeah, by now you’ll notice an emerging theme. Jonas, here, is more than a little bit anally obsessed. Yeah, he really is. In his favorite masturbatory fantasies, he shoves his rigid dick up every girl’s butt, and they do not generally like it. The less they like it, the more Jonas likes it!

Jonas cums hard while jerking off

I mean, he really likes it:

hurting a girl ass fucking fantasy

Eventually, and somewhat to his own surprise, Jonas gets a girlfriend. Maisy won’t let him fuck her in the ass — smart girl! — but she’s a pretty good sport otherwise. She even lets him smuggle her into work in the cargo box of his ridiculous security-guard cargo bicycle:

girlfriend smuggling

Maisy’s got at least a little bit of rebel in her, because she really likes fucking on the boss’s huge office desk. And just maybe, the uniform turns her on, even if the guy inside it is a dweeby boy with power fantasies.

desk sex in uniform

It turns him on, too, of course. In fact, the desk sex goes pretty well indeed. It looks like they’re both enjoying the hell out of it:

happy ending

You might wonder why he pulls out and spurts on her chest. They discuss that, in some panels not shown. It annoys the lady, and she wishes he would come inside her. He explains that he doesn’t want to get her pregnant. Word to the wise: that trick doesn’t work. But back in the bad old days, when condoms were for sale to married people only, lots of young people tried it. They were usually called “newlyweds with children” nine months later. Perhaps it annoys Maisy because it means Jonas doesn’t plan to marry her?

Luckily for Jonas, his cumming habits don’t make her stop fucking him. The stupid cargo bike smuggling almost does, though. They have a fight about that. But eventually she relents, and goes back to being willing sex baggage. This time, when they get all jiggy in the conference room, our boy decides to try that brilliant strategem that dudes always think will work on anally-reluctant women: he slips a finger up her ass during sex.

anal fingering

Not a smooth move. In the real world, it can get your ass dumped for violating established boundaries. But this is porn. Surprise, Maisy likes it! Surprise, after she comes, she wants to try anal for real:

anal request

Everybody loves a happy ending. But wait… did he say he’d never done it “with a girl”? Jonas! You naughty boy! There are things you have not been telling us! Maybe your gay high school adventures can be the subject of the next sex comic?

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