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Not all American pornstars come from the US, but America has always been the mecca of the porn industry! This is a well-known fact which would not surprise even the one who did not know it! Just for the reason that most of the good producers are there, it is the thing that there is the majority of both male and female actresses in the world. This is where they are easier to find when you are looking for a good appearance and talent. Here are the top treasures in America for this year!

  1. Number 1 Abong Our American Pornstars – Ashley Adams

    Years ago, Ashley was a girl starring primarily in the teen category. Later on, she became a real actress in the MILF category. Now she is sharing her position in this branch with the branch of BBW. She can be considered a light BBW, but she is brilliant in her job, so this guarantees her a spot on my top American pornstars list! She is a real finding with her curvy body and the natural tits that are bouncing around.
    From the very beginning of her career, she has been switching studios and producers like crazy! She has found her position from the start, tho! The submissive! This search for the best guy to work for makes her one of the most wanted stars in the USA!


  2. Maitland Ward

    Matilda has always been a hard-working girl and went through so many different jobs. She was a waitress, a blogger, and she achieved a massive amount of followers on Instagram with her hobby of a cosplayer. She got the hearts of so many people that she became a major person in this culture and its events and happenings. At some point, she got found and had a couple of great roles in TV shows.
    This is how she discovered her love for the camera and decided to step up in the industry. It is no surprise that she became a top performer just in a few productions. She is very talented, and her naughty face and big natural boobs helped, too! She has been in the top list of the Redhead stars for a couple of years.  What is the best about her! You can see on her O face that she is not faking it for sure!

  3. Aaliyah Hadid

    I have always been a fan of American pornstars, but I like variety. So I rarely watch a video over and over again. Aaliyah is absolutely an exception! She like an alternative to a Barbie doll. Such beauty! She obviously invests a lot of time and effort in her look, and it is worthy. I can watch her productions, photoshoots, and whatever all day long.
    She usually films and competes in the category of Ebony girls. One of the best in her subcategory. She somehow manages to make even the most irrealistic scenario seem to have happened yesterday in the actual reality! When it comes to her traits…Oh, well… Perfection is not even enough. She has a beautiful bottom and an amazing pair of natural tits!

  4. Nicolette Shea

    I dare you to say that Nicolette is not one of the best American pornstars and adult actresses. She has been doing an amazing job with one of the top studios and male companions. Eeally one of the best when it comes to MILF productions! She is an amazing finding, especially when it comes to office-type x-rated videos and all types of photoshoots!
    To say that she is a genuine beauty would be just too much! She has a lot of enhancements on her body! The most beautiful and noticeable one is her breast. A real work of art! And she knows it! This is why she is always willing to show off her tits in every single production she is involved in! Her talent is massive, but if this is not enough, her massive pair will make you watch the film to the very end!


  5. Alina Lopez

    Born in America and has spent her whole life there, she is the actual representative of the native beauty! She is a young little snowflake but surprisingly fits perfectly fine with the industry! It is amazing how she worked with the best studios from the very beginning of her career. She has been on the scene for just a couple of years, but a bright future is waiting for her!
    Other than her natural beauty, you will fall in love with her amazing performance! She is good at both filming and shooting! You can usually find her work in the category of hardcore content. What is not really surprising, because it is obvious for her to enjoy her work, is that she often shares that she really loves hardcore fuck in real life! What is more to ask for!


  6. Emily Willis

    She has been actively working in the industry for such little time, but she has already proven to be one of the most talented girls! This girl has actually never been a little pick in the game, but has rather always been a cheetah in the severe business!
    She has taken so many different roles and actions in her productions. However, what is common about her work is that you can always find it in the category of Petite. She admits that she has been the same size when it comes to clothing since she was fourteen! Although a tiny little woman, her appetite for sex is bigger than that of most actresses!


  7. Katrina Jade

    She is one of the new generations! Alternative style has not been an exception in the last ten years in the industry, and she is one of the most beautiful representatives of this movement. She has a tattoo on her hump, but the sleeve is a real work of art, just as she is!  This woman is a natural beauty. It is hard to perceive it, but she has Zero enhancements on her body! Her tits are at no point big, but they are bouncy and have a great shape! Not even to talk about her ass, but it is definitely worth the OMG!
    In her career, she is a good actress, loves threesomes, and whatever is not her cup of tea for filming, she does it in real life! She has been in a happy relationship for a while, but swinging has always been her guilty pleasure! Who are we to judge? This girl knows how to live it to the fullest!

  8. Elsa Jean

    You remember Frozen, right! This tiny girl is actually very similar as a look! Silver blond hair, small body, and angel round face! She is one of the not that many porn stars who made it possible to keep up with the realistic vision of the woman.  She has no corrections on the body and is proud to show her small tits everywhere possible!
    It is not like she has some sexual practices that she strongly denies, but she for sure has some preferences. She enjoys interracial sex and loves having cum all over her doll baby face!


  9. Richelle Ryan

    If you are looking for the perfect woman, this should be her! She is one of the not many actresses in the industry who went for university education, so this might not have helped her with finding a proper job, but it definitely helped her find the best studios and producers to work with! Oh, well… it was probably not very hard with her look! She is one of the fittest girls I can ever think of!
    Excluding the abs, she is taking good care of the things that she is not blessed with, too! Richelle Ryan did not have enough tits, she put some on! It was a bit of a surprise for me, as I do not believe in Perfection, but her ass is round, fit, and bouncy, too!

  10. The Least But Not The Last Among Our Top 10 American Pornstars – Megan Rain

    This gem has been in the industry for just way too long. She was in a little break in the last few years but definitely not retired and soon she came back more beautiful and more motivated for new adventures and projects!
    This is one of the girls in the industry who truly built their name through hard work! She has been one of the top-browsed actresses in the category of hardcore porn! This pussy can handle a lot! She is usually in the submissive role, and if you are a fan of good girls asking for it with every glimpse just like I am, Megan is your girl!

  America is the home of pornography, and these American pornstars definitely feel at home when they are acting! It is not a surprise that the best producers and studios are based in the USA, but what is more important is the fact that American porn stars are so good at their job that whether in the USA or not, they will still be the best on the scene!


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