5 Pornstar Tips That Will Work In Your Bedroom

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Great sex does not require anything special. You do not need any toys to gain pleasure. Sexy lingerie is not needed to give your partner a good night. You may also like these and add them to your sex life, but they surely do not guarantee you an extraordinary sexual experience. Also, it is not to forget that those x-rated films are made by a scenario, and the actors follow a script. In these few pornstar tips, I will give you some ideas that work in porn, but they are applicable in your bedroom, too.

Pornstar Tip Nuber 1: It’s A Titie

I know that there is a statement, which by the way, is absolutely correct, that the nipples are the most sensitive part of the women’s body up their clitoris,  of course.  However, this is not a reason to treat them like radio buttons. They are not supposed to be twisted, squeezed, or bitten harshly. They have to be loved, kissed, and there is no worry treating them a little kinky- but do not get over the top. The only result would be pain.
A good idea is not to focus on the nipples themselves, but give love to the whole breast area. Cup the underboob with a hand and provide tenderness to it. The skin around the nipples may not be full of nerves to be stimulated, but this brings a lot of pleasure and, believe it or not, it can even get a woman to a culmination.

2. Open Up

This is the first step to the perfect blowjob-open up that throat. There is a part of your mouth and the beginning of your throat (yes, your throat is not that small, slim and tight) that is naturally there to prevent inhaling some food. It is not to forget that nature is smart, but that is why we incorporate creativity. This part can be trained!
Our oral mucosa is more sensitive to hot things. Thus, you can use an ice cream to train this part of the throat.  Open your mouth like you are about to say “AAA” and give this ice cream the best blowjob ever. The same counts for a penis, and I can guarantee this is the best you can do for your man and relationship! If we had more blowjobs, we would have probably lived in a better world!

3. Breathing Is One Of The Most Important Pornstar Tips

This is the most basic one of all pornstar tips! To last longer in bed, oxygen in your blood is very important. You have to breathe deeply through your nose to have a better performance during oral sex. Another advantage of this is that the airflow you create can be very stimulating for your partner’s genitals. If you are butt-liking, for example, this stream of air goes straight to the right spot, and OMG, it is incredible!

4. Switch

Foreplay is a regular thing we do in our bedrooms. What if foreplay was not only in the beginning but you could have moments of it during the intercourse, out of nowhere?! This spontaneity might help you last longer, and while you are having just a little break, you can please your partner. It is a win-win situation! These switches really prevent the flame in bed from dying!

One of the most important pornstar tips

Last From All The 5 Pornstar Tips: Light’s on you

Although every one of us enjoys seeing their partner loving the intimate time spent with us, it is a very easy lie to tell that we do not care about our needs but just our loved ones. Let’s be honest and admit that we are all in bed for the same reason – we look for our own pleasure in the first place. Speak up your desires, fantasies, and basic needs! If you are close to the culmination, say it, encourage him to hit it harder, faster, or deeper- whatever you might need in that specific moment.

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