Top 17 BLACKED Interracial Porn Videos 2020


Whoever deeply fantasizes about some top notch exclusive interracial porn videos, BLACKED is the answer for you. This is a premium adult website where you will find only the best quality XXX videos featuring guys with big black cocks fucking piping hot white women. Bare in mind, when we speak about quality, this is the page that is on an entirely different level. From the day one of launching, their main goal was and still is – quality. Not to mention, this is one of the first pages that covers the black guy and white girl niche in the most original way possible.


Seriously, every single time you get hungry for some IR erotica, it is BLACKED that will do the job for you. That said, we collected some of their top porn videos that will give you an idea what incredible adult movies they produce. Not only do they pick only the top girls who never had sex with a black guy, the story, the directing and the production will amaze you, too.


Wait a sec, these are all girls’ first timers? Well, predominantly yes. The staff behind the site pick some of your favorite adult actresses, famous and even those less famous, and invite them to shoot their very first interracial scenes. As unrealistic as all this may sound, believe me, everything you see in their videos is real as fuck. They do not joke since they only want to make your IR experience an unforgettable one.

To date, they feature on the site the likes of Kendra Lust, Riley Reid, Brandi Love, Ariana Marie and Abella Danger to name a few. As you may see, they shoot with both young teens and experienced women. Something for everyone.


Moreover, there aren’t only boy-girl scenes you will find in the bellow collection of videos. Every now and then they also spice things up a little bit with boy-boy-girl and boy-girl-girl porn scenes, too. Even three girls and two guys! Meaning, all those threesomes are first timers for your beloved adult actresses just as well. I know right, with so much amazing material it almost leaves you in doubts – is it even genuine? As I mentioned already, every single exclusive interracial porn scene you see on BLACKED is as real as you and me.


With BLCKD you know exactly what you get. When some of the sites out there cover a wide variety of IR content, these folks are focused only on the black guys and white girls. I don’t remember where exactly, but I did read that they might mix things up in one of their future scenes. You know, hot ebony girl getting stuffed by a muscular white stud. I sure am looking forward to this one to happen.


Now, when you pretty much know exactly what this site is all about, let me introduce you to the mastermind behind, Greg Lansky. Born and raised in Paris, France, Greg got his start in the adult entertainment industry at the age of 24. He was first an assistant for a huge production company that produces some of the major TV shows in the Europe.


It was 2005 when he decided to shoot his first adult film. Long story short, with help from Steve Holmes and Mike Adriano (yes, that Mike!), he released his very first porn movie. But the doors opened when he met New Sensations’ Scott Taylor.

Nowadays, Greg is the brains behind not only BLCKD, Tushy and Vixen, too.

The best interracial porn videos by BLACKED

Amazing interracial double penetration

Hazel never knew she would ever find herself in the middle of two muscular black studs. Well, she does, and things turn out to be pretty wicked, as well as super pleasurable for her. That said, Hazel is about to experience two stiff BBCs deep inside her fuck holes. Yes, the time for a double penetration has come. She handles the two of them like a pro even though Hazel did not really practice a lot of DPs in her life yet. Sometimes, the ladies who look sort of innocent are the most perverted ones – and Hazel is a good proof.

Ariana enjoys a vacation with two BBCs

While having all the fun that she could possibly have as a wife, alone on vacation, she spices things up with two BBCs. This was not really planned, however, when the opportunity for an interracial threesome occurs, Ariana will do whatever it takes to get the most out of it. Those gigantic black cocks seem way too big for Ariana, however, she skilfully masters them with her mouth, her pussy, heck, even with her asshole! Such a skinny lady but stretchy enough to accept the biggest shafts without trouble. Still, make sure you start slowly for a warm-up. From then on, go as wild as you want.

Alix always dreamt of an enormous black shaft

After meeting this attractive black guy, Alix knew immediately that she needs to hook up with him alone. Which she does. And the two of them soon find themselves back at the apartment, Alix with his insanely huge cock in her hands. Her hands look tiny compared to the BBC that he sports. However, Alix still gives it a try with her mouth. Not only does it barely fit her mouth, and there is no way to stick it down her throat, but Alix is also super tight down under. Nevertheless, she manages to handle him, tightly wrapping around the girth of that monster schlong.

Misha finally gets the deserved break

Every time Misha and her husband book a vacation, she gets super excited about the trip. However, shortly after, she realizes that he probably will have zero time for her. Indeed, her hubby is constantly working. Although she appreciates his dedication to work, Misha wouldn’t mind spending some alone time with him. Well, not this time. But then something happens. And opportunity. Every day, when Misha goes to the pool, she passes by this muscular and tattooed stud. She is immediately attracted to him. One day, he encourages Misha to leave her hubby sleeping to go and enjoy each other. Little does Misha know, he has a plan to fuck her brains out with his insane BBC. Will it even fit that slim and slender body of Misha’s?

Interracial threesome for a horny housewife

When in her college years, Lily was a real slut, partying and fucking everyone that she ran into. However, right after college, Lily got married to enjoy the life of a housewife. However, she soon realizes how boring it is, having only one cock to fuck. This one occasion, Lily happens to get an opportunity to spend some kinky moments with two big black dudes. What Lily needs are nothing else than their humongous cocks deep inside her mouth and pussy. To her luck, the studs are more than happy to please all her needs and desires and take her on an adventure of epic orgasms in this BLACKED porn video.

Interracial double penetration for tiny Riley Reid

When Riley Reid gets to meet Bullet, one of her all times favorite performers, she is full of excitement and thrill. When hanging around with him quite a lot during his entire stay, on the last day, he invites Riley over to his room for a drink. She has no idea what he has prepared for her and boy is it huge. Shortly after a few sips, the time comes to get the first surprise. Of course, Riley Reid goes down on him and gets blown away by Bullet’s cock behemoth. It is so big it barely fits her mouth. Still, there are two other holes his cock will fit, too! But first, his pal walks into the room and all the rest becomes history. A vivid interracial double penetration is on and Riley is on top of the world getting smashed by their pricks like never before.

Kendra Sunderland makes his fantasy come true

Big breasted Kendra moved from Seattle to Los Angeles to follow her dream of becoming a professional model. A few months in and she meets this dude who she has the best time of her life with. Everything seems perfect – sex, too! However, one day he reveals her what really turns him on. It’s thinking about Kendra fucking other guys. It shocks her at first but eventually decides to fulfill his desire.

After a photo shooting with this black guy, Jason Brown, Kendra cannot hold herself back and takes the plunge. She kisses Jason, and the rest is history. She gets on with it by taking his monster black shaft deep inside her mouth and lets him fuck her hard. When he is about to jizz, Jason unloads on Kendra Sunderland‘s pretty face.

Marley Brinx experiences her first big black cock

The doors have open for model, Marley. She is enjoying the life in California, being part of her first serious photo shoot. It seems like she is living the dream. For the actual shoot, Marley gets to work with Jason, a black male. They both feel attracted to each other from the moment they meet.

One day, when the whole crew leaves the mansion, Marley Brinx decides to relax in the house all on her own. It turns out, Jason is there too. After a quick conversation, they attack each other with kisses and the rest is history. The first ever interracial experience for hot brunette, Brinx, is on, and she is enjoying it to the fullest.

Busty blonde Kylie Page cheats on her man with a black stud

Kylie is in a relationship with an older guy and everything appears to work out just right. Her family loves him and on top of it all, he earns a shit load of money. A dream guy. But is Kylie a dream girl? Let’s find out.

When the day comes for the couple to spend some quality time together, Page’s man needs to leave last minute. She is left all alone, but no way will she spend the time all on her own. That said, she calls this massive black dude to join her by the pool. A few moments later, they aren’t there only for the conversation anymore. Young and slutty bitch, Kylie Page, lets him do all the special things to her and her fresh twat. Stuff her guy is never allowed to. What a cheating whore!

Slender personal assistant encounters in an interracial threesome

Young Shawna is down to do just about anything for her boss, a famous and attractive black record producer. Trust us, she takes care of his enormous black shaft too. That’s what she is especially good at.

Jason is just a sign away from sealing the deal and when he wants to take one last peek at the contract he gets distracted with something special. Flash’s personal assistant, Shawna Lenee, joins them in the most erotic white lingerie one can think of. As part of the deal, Flash wants to offer Jason a good portion of Shawna as well. It turns out, seductive Lenee goes to the business and takes good care of both of their stiff chocolate rods.

Curvaceous Karina White gets kinky with dark skinned stud

Poor Karina is left alone on the first day of vacation. Unfortunately, her man is not able to come just yet due to work. But that does not mean she will not have fun on the very first day, too. Wearing her brand new swimsuit, Karina heads down to the pool for a few drinks and to sunbath her salivating curves. Not much time passes by, and she is not alone anymore.

This energetic boy joins her and who would have thought, seeing her dissatisfied, he quickly cheers her up by petting her softly. A few drinks deep, Karina White is open for pretty much everything. In a few moments, they are off to her bedroom and collide in a hot interracial sex.

Sophia Leone goes kinky with black male talent

Hired for a high-end wedding photo shoot, Sophia gets to work with this black talent who she is immediately attracted to. To her luck, they are left alone one day and he takes her to the room upstairs in the house they are working at. Having no one around, they let their bodies and mind relax and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Nothing can stop them now. They are all alone and having to cameras around, they can do to each other just whatever the fuck they want.

That bushy pussy of Sophia Leone‘s sure receives a dose of proper cock stretching like never before.

Curvy white chicks team up to please a big black rod

It’s Natasha Nice and Kylie Page who are the only girls left participating for the spot in this new music video. But who will get the role? Since they both fit perfectly, the producer decides to give them both a shot.

It’s Kylie who is the first on the list to prove him that she is the right pick. The interview takes way longer than expected. To see what is going on in there, Natasha pays them a visit and boom, Page is doing way more than answering questions and other whatnots. And what is Natasha going to do? Well, she wants the part, too, so she joins them, teams up with Kylie and they together take care of producer’s monster chocolate member. Babes with voluptuous bodies are no joke!
But who will he pick now? Tough decision.

Blonde MILF Brandi Love stretched by a humongous chocolate machete

Freshly divorced, Brandi hosts her sister and her man for the weekend. Boy, Brandi sure does find her sister Jessica’s black parter very attractive.

When sister goes shopping, they have the house, the pool, everything all for themselves. An experienced older woman as Love is, she knows exactly how to seduce Joss. When tanning, she asks him if he does not mind if she sunbathes nude. Of course she does not mind a bit of extra skin to enjoy and rest his eyes at. But it’s not only his eyes what he will rest on Brandi’s incredible frame.

He does her a favor first, covering her body with a layer of sun cream. Touching that tight body quickly raises the awareness and blood flow in them and they soon find themselves all over each other. It is impossible for Joss to refuse the offer, heads to her room and bangs the living daylights out of the interracial virgin, Brandi Love. Though it’s the largest she has even seen, his mighty BBC eases inside her dripping wet va-jay-jay with ease.

Sexy brunette BFF encounter with two BBC’s in an interracial foursome

Sadly, Lana Rhoades is constantly in a fight with her boyfriend. Things just do not work out anymore. Not to mention, he cannot fulfill her anymore. Lana’s best friend, Leah Gotti, is well aware of the situation and arranges a meeting for the two with two charming black boys.

When all four find themselves in the pool, there is no turning back. It is now or never for young Lana to finally get properly pleased. She knows their cocks are enormous and will let her experience pleasurable sensations like her dude can never achieve.
They start to make out, what gets them move to the house where they let love do the talking. Brunette hotties find themselves kneeling down and working those gigantic rods deeps inside their mouth first before they take over and stuff their fresh vaginas.

Insatiable Abella Danger takes a massive dark shaft for BLACKED

After a long lasting relationship, Abella simply needs a break in her life. She has enough of the boy bullshit, plus, she needs other cocks smashing her pussyhole, too. Yes, Danger is a naughty girl.

After all this time of thinking about him, the time finally comes for Abella to go on a date with Rob. Rob is this energetic black fella who she has a crush on for a long time. Not to mention, she thought about him many times while fucking her boyfriend. It made her horny even more.

At first, she acts a bit shy, however, when they get to his apartment, Abella Danger becomes a different person. She teases him with her incredible ass and quickly has him in control. Abella gives it her best to take care of the rod and makes it stronger than ever. To return the favor, Rob is a gent and gets Danger to experience pleasurable moments, the kind she has not experienced in a while. Or ever! Smashing her and riding him while doing splits, Rob cannot hold it in anymore and releases a torrent of spunk all over her face.


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