Body Painted Naked Tinder Date On Valentine’s Day

body painted naked tinder date

How your Valentine’s Day looked like, I do not know, but what I do know is that this body painted Tinder date went smoother than expected. But that happens only if you swipe the right person in the right direction. You get it?

This artist whose YouTube channel is simply Jen The Body Painter does all sorts of cool things with her models. For the most part, she paints their naked bodies and follows them around in public to see how random strangers will react. Will they even notice it is body paint? Will they want to touch? Or will they scream out loud, “Look, she is wearing nothing but body paint!” Whatever the case, the outcome is always a memorable experience that we all get to enjoy. Thanks to the published videos!

Shall we share some laughs together today?

On a Valentine’s Day, Jen and Joy, the model, set up a Tinder date with this black guy who happens to be an actor and comedian, Amos. Who would have thought?! But they decided to make it a super special date, making Joy wear nothing bud body paint. Well, not 100% but you get the gist of it. The professional at what she does, Jen, painted onto Joy’s body jeans and a cute top.

Since you know, it makes it quite obvious that it is body paint, right? However, in public, would you guess that Joy is actually naked? Or would you just think that those are some super tight jeans? Either way, I bet you would be staring at her with your eyes bulging, almost popping out of the sockets. With an ass like that, Joy sure does not have a problem turning people’s heads.

The entire process of applying paint to Joy’s body and the actual Tinder date is documented in the video above.

Obviously, walking in public naked would definitely not make you feel comfortable. Have you ever tried it? Me neither. But with body paint, does it make any difference? Of course it does, but still, you are nude underneath the paint that’s for sure. Still, in Joy’s case, she is not entirely naked but has boobs and pussy covered which makes it a tad easier for her, I guess.

But let’s look at this body painted Tinder date experience from the guy’s perspective. He comes to the location and sees that the chick is just as hot as on the pictures. Maybe she looks even better in reality! They hug and he just wants to look at her outfit but does not want to be too obvious. Under the coat, the outfits she sports is a bit different compared to what he is used to. It is so tight it seems like it is body paint. But did she really came to the Tinder date dressed in nothing but body paint? Does she enjoy walking in public nude? This woman is a real wifey material!

From the meeting point to the coffee shop, it is getting more and more interesting. But then it happens, Amos says, “Let me check you out.” And adds, “You look beautiful, you look elegant, you look well put together, you look like you went to school.” Dude, who says stuff like that on a first date?

Still, the most hilarious part is the following. Amos: “It is, like, really body paint, right?” Of course, Joy denies it but Amos adds, “I mean, I don’t know, I’m not a woman.”

How would you take care of the situation? Would you pretend like it is nothing and be a true gentleman or it would drive you crazy and made you want to touch?

By the way, what is your favorite dating app?

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