Daily Marijuana Users Have More Sex

daily marijuana users have more sex

There is nothing that will convince me to start getting high, even a study saying that daily marijuana users have more sex. Of course, I took a few inhales of the green stuff, but only three times in my entire life. Can you imagine, only 3 Times!

And I accidentally ate a cookie once when drunk. Boy, did it make me puke and feel like a Stonehenge hit me. Nowadays, make me drunk as fuck and there is no way I will smoke weed. That’s how I roll.

Enough about me, it is time to get to the real stuff.

This new study by Dr. Michael Eisenberg found something fascinating. By the way, the study was originally published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

While many think that smoking weed on a regular decreases sexual activity, it is not quite like so. As a matter of fact, the opposite is true. Seriously?

The data was taken from the US government’s National Survey of Family Growth which involved over 50,000 participants. The survey asked men and women how many times they had sex in the past 4 weeks and how often they took marijuana in the past year.

Now let’s get to the results.

Ladies who did not use weed had sex 6 times in the past 4 weeks. Meanwhile, women who do take marijuana on a daily basis had sex 7.1 times at an average.

As for the men, those without weed had sexual encounters 5.6 times in the studied four weeks, while those who get high daily banged 6.9 times.

One thing before we continue, does that mean women, in general, have more sex than men? Who would have thought, right?

Although the study shows that marijuana has a positive impact on sex, it does not say anything about their correlation. That said, no one yet guarantees that you should start smoking weed on a daily basis to have more sex. More study needs to be done. But it is said that marie jane boosts arousal in humans. Don’t you also get horny when drinking? Or maybe I am just a weird individual.

those who smoke weed regularly have more sex

One information that everyone using marijuana a lot will be interested in knowing is the fact that it decreases sperm count. Also, eventually, orgasms may become an issue. Oops.

There are other side effects of Kaya but those we are not here to chat about.

One more thing that Dr. Eisenberg said is that instead of smoking the good stuff, you rather hit the gym and lose 20 pounds. He states, “We always talk about anything that can be good for you heart can be good for your penis. For a lot of guys, hearing this is an amazing motivator.”

What we learned from all of this is that if you are not a smoker, you should not think about starting. If your sex life is good, then stick with being weed-free and, instead, learn about new sex position and keep things fresh. For those who enjoy the high, I would say that you should stop but I know I would sound a dick. Therefore, if you believe marijuana is not doing you any harm, I guess I could say keep things positive. I mean, I cannot just say keep doing what you are doing. Or maybe a doctor prescribes it to you for whatever reason. If so, you won.

Anyhow, rather enjoy some porn, it will always do you good no matter what.


  1. marc says:

    that is a lie… only the shallow people of the world have more sex, because they are… shallow…

  2. rokr says:

    Do you even smoke, bro?

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