Hot Tattoo Babe Gets Her Shaved Pussy Drilled Deep

hot tattoo babe

If you are into hot tattoo babes, you came to the right place, here, where Nikki realizes your dirty desires. And she is French Canadian what makes her even sexier than she already is. But there is one more thing that will definitely excite you through the roof. Instead of wasting your time, let’s go straight to the point.

This casting porn video is Nikki’s first ever appearance in front of the camera. Yes, she finally takes the plunge and makes her long-lasting fantasy a reality. To get her shaved pussy fucked hard and passionately until they both reach explosive climaxes.

tattooed canadian newbie nikki

Do you know which is Nikki’s favorite sex position? This hot tattoo babe is all about doggy style. Can you guess why? She likes to be bend over and have her partner grab her tight ass firmly, almost roughly. Indeed, Nikki is submissive.

The question that also pops to mind is what type of guys does this tattooed Canadian soon-to-be adult actress like. From her looks, you can imagine that Nikki is all about muscular and tattooed studs that do not play life by the rules. Yes, rebels if you will.

To her surprise, Mam Steel is the exact dude that Nikki is attracted to. She is mindblown when Mam appears in front of her like a giant.

ink-covered pornstar

But is his cock like of a giant, too? I mean, big and thick? If so, would it even fit in that tiny and slender body of Nikki’s?

While it might be her first time doing the kinky stuff for the lens, to everyone’s astonishment, Nikki is a lady full of skills. You see it by her calmness and how relaxed she is even when Mam stands in front of her with his ass out. Of course, Nikki grabs it and enjoys his ass tattoo a whole bunch.

tattooed and pierced pornstar

But the real fun takes place when he turns around and drops his shorts down. Needless to say, his massive dick is fully ready for the inked star, Nikki, to suck it like a champ. And that is exactly what she does. You are familiar by now that Nikki definitely knows a thing or two about blowjobs. The one she gives Mam is out of this world!

See it for yourself and try to be without growing a boner. Impossible!

Still, this is just the warm up to the fuck session this hot tattoo babe is yet to experience. You know it is going to be a ton of wild sex action going on between these two young fuckers.

pornstar with tattoos

Did I tell you that Nikki has her nipples pierced and that her tiny boobs are super suckable? Well, I did it now.

Moreover, when it is time for Mam to return the favor. He slowly and gently pulls down Nikki’s thongs, kisses her insanely beautiful ass and goes straight to the fun part. She is in her favorite, doggy position, ready and set to accept his humongous dong with her bald vagina.

canadian pornstar nikki

Mam smoothly inserts his prick into her vagina and the rest is history. These two are on full whack from now on, not giving a small fuck about anything else. Nikki and Mam enjoy each other a whole lot, banging in all sorts of different positions so they experience a broad horizon of different sensations. However, it’s the doggy that hot tattoo babe, Nikki, enjoys in the most. But they practice cowgirl, too!

When will the tattooed couple get down on each other again?

When Mam is back to trusting her juicy twat from the front, he finally cannot hold it in anymore and explodes with a big load of jizz all over Nikki’s muff. I bet this is clearly not their last sexual encounter despite having other things to do.

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