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nicole amato

If you have ever seen Nicole Amato, even for the tiniest amount of time, you probably began craving more of her in an instant. And that does not even have to mean real-time, a picture of Nicole is just enough to become an instant fan.

Especially if you are into exotic and athletic chicks, then Nicole will be your next crush. She is definitely the type of a lady who I am very into. But that is something you probably already know about me.

While Nicole Amato is a fitness model who likes to go nude and flash her boobies, she is way more than that. She is a real businesswoman, constantly up to something. One thing is for sure, Nicole definitely wants you to get fit with her. Amato has this cool quote that she goes by: eat clean, train dirty!

Ever since being a child. Nicole was constantly involved in sports and being active. She did soccer, tennis, boxing and a broad range of other sports and tried literally any diet known to mankind. Now, Nicole Amato is a certified health coach helping others get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle.

With all the sexy and raunchy images Nicole Amato published on her Instagram profile, she is more than a perfect fit for our Hottie of the week feature. That is some super hot ass and a mad pair of boobs what decorate Nicole’s slender body. And the best part? You are about to see a lot of it!

One more thing that I need to point out is Nicole Amato’s face. I dunno, it is just so tempting and enticing I cannot stop staring at it. The eyes, the lips, the seriousness and the smile, it is something I could entertain myself with for the entire day.

Whether you are into hot chicks, sports, working out or just need to spice up your day, let’s enjoy some Nicole Amato sexiness.

…………………… Why is it so easy to fall in love? And so hard to fall out? . . Even though my heart is breaking I will be here for you. My love is always for the taking, No matter what you may do. This is my truth, this is who I am. So please be gentle, when you hurt me again. Some people are just not meant to be. Maybe we’re just meant to be great friends. But always my love is the same, Whether friends or the love game. My heart is pure. Maybe that is the real reason why, My heart is broken. . . . However Darling your my favorite, β€œWhat If” …………πŸ“· @paid2shoot . . A little poem I wrote in the car while settling my thoughts. Lots has happened in the past few days that have caused my head to spin and my heart to break. But now I can start to rebuild the broken pieces again. And just as if I thought my life was bad, this morning after meditation I went to see an amazing soul and during our meeting she got a call that will change her life forever. Please pray for my friend Gina and her family and the beautiful life they just lost. Life is unexpectedly cruel sometimes. But we must all be kind and be love and always cherish the ones you love. No matter what. Because you never know when it’s too late. My heart bleeds for this family and this devastating loss. I will be posting soon enough a GoFundMe and event I will host to help the family of the deceased. Life is beautiful so don’t take it for granted. #satnam and always be kind to people. You really never know what they are going thru. #belight #belove #believe #faith #lifechanging #yogi #loveandlight #seeclearly #heartchakra

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Pumpkin pie… πŸŽƒ @jamesfelixraw style #raw

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Just Jamaican Dreams Come True… @clifellis @baeboutique_co @wantmylook

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