Do Pornstars Orgasm On Set Or Is It All Fake?

do pornstars orgasm on set

It is pretty simple, sometimes pornstars do orgasm on set and all the other times they make it look like they do. Indeed, they are faking it. However, they are pros and it does not look like it is fake after all. If it does, well, she must still be an utter newbie.

Anyhow, it is Asa Akira, Jiz Lee, Nikki Darling and Stoya who chat about reaching a climax while shooting porn.

Follow one simple rule and your porn watching experience will always be a mind-blowing one. Do not set any question and do not wonder whether or not she likes it. It is performance after all!

Asa Akira is certain that the main reason why people are so concerned about it is because they truly cannot believe she is really enjoying that. Yes, the wild and wicked fuck by one, two, even three dicks at the same time!

pornstars do reach orgasm on a porn set

Asa goes, “You would never ask a man on camera like ‘Oh, did you enjoy that scene?'” It is kinda obvious, right? However, it is different with male orgasm since you can physically see it. Meanwhile, when it comes to female orgasm, it is, well, more “mysterious.”

Why people are asking about whether or not pornstars orgasm on set is somehow a defining factor if the scene was good or not, says Jiz Lee. People automatically think that it was not good since she was paid for it. Oh really? “This idea of authenticity is a little problematic when it comes to porn performance because it is all performance.” Makes total sense.

is it all fake on porn set

To say that she genuinely comes in every scene is definitely not true for ebony, Nikki Darling. Sometimes she is tired, the other times her body hurts, the third time she has some personal issues, there is always something going on. However, does she make it look like she is coming in every scene? Of course, she is, after all, Nikki is a professional.

Stoya starts the discussion, telling that it sure is a thing that porn fans want to know if that was a real orgasm or not. They want to know if it was good, how many times it happened and so forth.

do pornstars reach climax

Men, for whatever reason, have this idea that there is no way that women enjoy having sex. Asa says, “That can’t be a thing.” Well, guys, you are probably with the wrong person or you might be doing something terribly wrong in your sex lives.

But then it happens.

Jiz is the one that reveals it all and goes more in-depth telling you if pornstars orgasm on set or not.

are pornstars enjoying sex

Lee loves having this natural, feel-good sex on camera which, in most of the cases, result in an orgasm. Hurray! But it sure is not always the case. However, that is far from meaning that it was a bad scene.

Just like in private life so is in front of the camera, sex does not always have to be about the orgasm. You do not really need to get there and still have a ton of pleasure during the sexual intercourse.

are adult film stars faking it

When watching porn, orgasm is the center of attention. The next time you watch pornography, watch the performance and believe what is happening in front of your eyes.

There is no need for you to be questioning yourself all these silly questions. If you believe it, that is all it matters. You do not have to ask a pornstar if she came and if she enjoyed it. It does not matter!


  1. Jay says:

    whats fake? even fake tits are real…..real expensive..I’d like to ask, many men have attempted,and some have actually sucked their own dick,any women out there that have licked their own pussy. i tried out for porn once but i blew the aucition, i sucked at it.

  2. ericpeters says:

    First time comment. Men do not care if she nuts or nut, on the other side the man has to have a pretty healthy nut or is talked done on. I.E. black actors with 3 drops of nut you thinkin all that and 3 drops, pathetic. Most females act their part and are not real. Overdubs over the true sex. The ASS fuckin is pathetic at this time. Not part of most people sex and and thinkin she nuts all like that , Sure Liar. Mp34

  3. rokr says:

    Do you watch porn only to see her climax?

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