6 Things You Should Never Say To Pornstars

things not to ask pornstars

There is a funny video by BBC Three where a bunch of adult performers chat about 6 things you should not say to pornstars. Can you guess what these may be? Well, some are quite obvious while the others, well, even adult actors and actresses themselves do not have an answer. I mean, do you know who a fluffer is?

Obviously, if you checked our infographic about the eleven things you did not know about porn, you know who a fluffer is. Anyhow, nothing wrong if you do not since you can watch this video for educational purposes, too.

I was truly impressed that BBC Three is actually releasing this sort of cool, fun and entertaining videos. And, most importantly, spreading the word of porn all around the globe, getting everyone to see how cool the actors are.

Anyhow, there are all sorts of stuff pornstars get asked and said to which annoys them through the roof. Today, we will focus on six. Are these the most common one? I dunno, I guess British people are interested in different stuff compared to the rest of the world. I mean, Brits are Brits anyway. By the way, I was just in London and I absolutely love it! Hint: it was there for my 7th time, I believe.

1. Must be great lying on your back all day

Obviously, pornstars practice all sorts of sex positions on set. Sure, missionary is one of them, but what about piledriver, doggy style, reverse cowgirl and oh so many more? So, think about it again? How much time are they actually on their backs? I know, right!

2. It’s demeaning to women

Slut! Whore! Bitch! And all the similar names pornstars receive on a regular basis. Are they offended? You know what, they love it! As for the regular women, you like 50 Shades Of Grey and then you say BDSM is nasty and demeaning to women? Dude, think again.

3. Why is the acting so shit?

Pornography is not like shooting a blockbuster. However, more an more porn studios are releasing some truly impressive content that should be played in cinemas. It is absolutely mind-bending to think what was 80s porn like and what is 21st century’s porn like. Still, there are companies that do not put much effort into it. But that might be on purpose – ever looked at it like that? At the end of the day, you cannot lie to yourself. Watch what you like even if you say it differently.

4. What’s going to happen when you get old?

“I will get a soggier ass and soggier tits and wrinkles like everybody else.” On the flip side, some pornstars just do not think about the future at all. Yet again, the third ones are already planning to venture into different chapters of porn, starting their own companies and whatnot. Lastly, if you are black, you probably wouldn’t know.

5. Do you have a fluffer?

So, a fluffer is a person who helps actors get ready for the shoot. He or she helps a stud get hard and a lady wet down under. Some of the pornstars wish they would have a fluffer and some get asked a lot if they could be their fluffer. But, sadly, no one really speaks about actually having one.

6. It must be hard to hold down a relationship

“It’s all about trust at the end of the day.” Do we even need to say and add to it anything else? It is totally possible to have a healthy relationship with a pornstar. However, in most of the cases, the couple are both from within the industry anyway what makes it a tad easier or whatever.

For your personal research, pornstars featured in the video are: Gabriel Phoenix, Disco Tits, Helen Stephens, Myla Elyse, Pax Lottadicks, Carly Rae, Jasper Rhodes and Loula Lou. Even myself, I did not know who all these actually are. I did my investigation already, now is your turn.

My last words: Just do not be a freaking weirdo if you run into a pornstar (even at a convention!). Be cool, be polite, be funny, you know, the usual.

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