What is your sex potential? – male edition

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What Is Sex Potential Actually?

Believe it or not, there is something called “sex potential”! It is your sexual personality and how you can use it. It is a mixture of your sexual preferences, libido, how you express them, and what is your attitude towards sexual experiences and relationships. Taking all of these into account, here is what is your sexual potential and how to enjoy it to the fullest!

1. Dysfunctional Sex Potential

The dysfunctional potential has a name with a negative connotation. However, it is not quite negative in practice…It is just a little conservative and there is nothing wrong with that. How do you know if you have it? Oh, well, the most crucial signal that you have this kind of potential is that you are very into the emotional side of sex. You literally cannot get turned on by just touches and talks from a woman with no emotional relationship with her. You are more of a family guy, but this does not mean you can fuck her like a slut!

2. Functional Sex Potential

The functional potential is the type that usually belongs to youngsters. It is not a secret that there are people who just love fucking. This is very fine! If you are a man who can fuck any woman, any time and you are all the way in every single affair, then this is probably your type! It is very possible that you are enjoying one night stands every night with not even a pinch of guilt! Never stop doing it!

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3. Intellectual Potential

This is a bit more interesting type of sexuality! There are men who love the mentality of women. They look for the intelligence and for the deep convo before jumping into bed with her. They get turned on with these rather than the usual sexy stuff-boobs, asses and thick thighs. This is a magnificent way to enjoy your sexuality! The thing is that people like you should look for partners in intellectual spots rather than bars, clubs and pubs!

4. Vanilla Potential

The vanilla type is one of my favorites! These are the guys who are so kind and gentle that need as kind and as gentle women as they are. It is a matter of personality here! If you are one of these guys, go for the cute woman in the corner! She won’t like the dirty talk, just as much as you hate it! The sexual experience will be magnificent and magical, mainly based on the mirroring of your personality! Such a magical and light experience is just waiting for you!

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5. The Hardcore Sex Potential

If you can describe yourself as a bold and nasty fucker, then I guess that you are looking for a naughty slut to bang! These girls you probably find in bars and clubs and they are seemingly bold, but in reality, they are even nastier as a taste in sex and as a manner of flirtation. If you recognize yourself in this description, this is so fine! You prefer one night stands and fuck-buddy relationships, but you do not find a thing wrong if actual relationships!

All in all, we cannot lie to our own bodies and desires. Whichever type you are, there is only nothing wrong, but you have to enjoy it absolutely guilty free! It is all a matter of preferences! Just manage to express your type and find a person who shares your desires! On the other hand, if you want to try the life of another type of sexual potential and use it to the fullest, you can always get in your own role play and take another path for a while! Get the most of it NOW!

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