Yelena Vera gets whipped on stage and loves it

Yelena Vera

There’s never any telling how far Yelena Vera will go, but she never holds back.

Today, she is performing on stage, and Yelena is going to give it her all. She’s wearing her sexiest black lingerie and ready to give herself over to pleasure.

A man in a uniform guides her to the front of the stage and makes sure to get her ready. He tells her to take off her bra and Yelena obeys. Then it is time to loosen her up. He pulls out a cattle prod and goes to work.

Yelena is never going to follow orders without a little pain.

He shocks Yelena all over her tiny little tits for fun. She takes it all and never complains. He even makes a point of shocking her clit. The moisture along with the electricity make Yelena Vera double over.

It’s nowhere near over, though.

He disappears and comes back with a candle.

The wax is hot.

He splashes it all over Yelena’s naked back while she stays on her knees. The more still she is, the better it will be. That’s when he decides to force her mouth open. He fills it with the wax and disappears again for a knife.

The sharp blade is perfect for peeling the wax off of her body. After she spits out what’s in her mouth, Yelena Vera has to stay still again.

No one would want her to get cut while he works.

He shaves her front, then her back. She follows orders and gets a reward in the form of a whip. It cracks against her sexy ass and sends pain through Yelena’s body.

Now it is time for her pussy to join in the fun.

With an arm around Yelena’s neck, he reaches down and starts slapping it. Then it’s time for a riding crop to go to work on it.

She ends up on her back and Yelena Vera has no choice but to keep taking it.

Now that she’s warmed up, a flogger comes out.

He slaps her sore pussy over and over again. She can’t do anything but recoil at the strikes. She certainly has no way to make the pain stop.

Yelena is ordered to present her pussy and does just that.

Are you ready to torture it with pleasure? He works her clit up and down and watches Yelena moan. As soon as it gushes with juice, it’s time to move on.

He has come here with one thing in mind and it’s time to make it happen. He fully winds up and beats Yelena ass on stage.

Her body jumps with every single hit.

He knows that she has had enough, but he keeps going. She’s come for the BDSM and she’s going to get it. He doesn’t stop until his arm feels tired. Then he finally lets Yelena up and puts the pain away. They hug right there on stage and know that they gave a great show.

There’s nothing better than pain when it gets mixed with the right amount of pleasure.

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  1. rokr says:

    Would you be interested in replacing the dude in the uniform?

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