Hottie of the week – Tammy Hembrow

tammy hembrow

If you are ready to be blown away, you are prepared for the one and only, Tammy Hembrow. Ah, this Australian chick is to die for.

While her body is insanely hot, it becomes even hotter once you read the next sentence. Read carefully – Tammy is a mother of two! Yes, she already gave birth to two children, and she looks hotter than 90% of the female population.


And that is one of the reasons why the popularity of Tammy Hembrow skyrocketed. She documented her pregnancy and even how she got back in such a ridiculously stunning body shape.

However, even when she was pregnant, Tammy looked jaw-dropping. Not that I am into pregnant women, but you feel me.

What’s more, Tammy is part Australian and part Trinidadian. Now you know where the slight exotic looks come from. Also, Tammy Hembrow was raised in a large family of four sisters and two brothers. That’s right, there are seven of them.

Will Tammy follow her mother’s path is not something I know. However, what I do know is that no matter how many more births she gives, Tammy Hembrow will always look phenomenal.

Over on her well over ten million followers large Instagram profile, you can see all sorts of compelling content. From sexy shots and clips of Tammy’s scorching body to her kids and other random stuff, it is all there, freshly updated for you to enjoy.

I am still amazed by Tammy Hembrow’s ass! Can an ass be even more bubbly? In short, Tammy’s rear is the definition of a bubble butt. But that is something we do not really need to go into a discussion – let the images do the talking as they are worth millions of words.

Moreover, Tammy is not just a hot Australian mother of two, she is a super successful businesswoman, too. Enough words for now, let’s now examine all that sexiness in great detail.


  1. v j says:

    i won to see real porno movie as dubler of tammy hanbrow looking women that is geting pounded pleas

  2. rokr says:

    Have you seen a hotter mom than Tammy?!
    Me: I think I have not.

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