Blonde Sexbomb Doubles Her Fun With Two Stiff Cocks

blonde sexbomb

If you have ever wondered how a blonde sexbomb goes about getting the cock she needs, just watch Nika. She is all decked out in her sluttiest lingerie and she has come to play.

A slow dance shows off every single inch of her hot body. Nothing covered up by her red fishnets is left to the imagination. Nika is more than happy to show herself off, as well. From her cute toes in stilettos to her naked and drenched pussy, she puts it all on display. As soon as her perfect tits come out from behind her corset, the cocks just appear.

Nika gets one on each side of her and it is clear that she couldn’t be happier.

The hot and horny blonde sexbomb is all worked up and wastes no time.

Her warm mouth wraps around the dick on her left and her hand strokes the one on her left. Naturally, she’s going to make sure she gets to taste them both. Nika works to keep them both stiff and ready for her by switching back and forth.

The delicious taste of dick is more than enough to make her pussy beg for some attention.

One of the guys gives Nika a nice little reach around, but this blonde sexbomb isn’t having it. Her pussy is going to come into the fun when she decides.

First, she wants to have a little bit of fun.

Nika takes both of the meat sticks past her lips at the same time. They both slide right into her mouth so she can let the flavors mingle. The sexual tension gets to be too much for her and she finally relents. The cocks pop out and Nika gets on her knees. Her dripping wet pussy is free and offered up to whoever wants it.

The guy on the left takes the first crack at it.

He stands with his dick in hand before plunging it into the blonde sexbomb. She takes every single inch but makes sure to work through the pleasure. It doesn’t matter how good it feels to be filled to the brim.

Nika keeps her hand working the other guy’s shaft until the first cock is ready for a break. Her entire body rocks back and forth while she gets hammered from behind. Then it’s finally time for a change so she can make sure to feel both veiny meats inside her canal.

The two switch places and Nika goes with the flow.

Feeling the fresh cock slide inside her loosened pussy puts a smile on her face. Nika takes the other cock deep down her throat.

The taste of dick and her own pussy juice come together to make her gush. Her love hole pulls the cock as far inside as it can, forcing the guy to pound away at it.

How excited is this blonde sexbomb for the jizz?

Now, both dicks just have to wait long enough for her to cum all over one of them. Then it’s going to be their turn to cover Nika in hot, sticky man goo.

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    Is the DP you were waiting for?

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