Blunder Broad: Perverted Wonder Woman Parody

Blunder Broad gagged and bound

For more than thirty years, the great fetish artist Eric Stanton published a mail-order magazine of kinky comics called Stantoons. One of the longest-running strips in Stantoons featured a superheroine named Blunder Broad, a deliberately obvious Wonder Woman parody. “Blundie” sucked at superheroing, but at suffering? There, she was a champ! And somehow the villains she tried to wrangle could always be counted on for bondage, perversion, and over-the-top sadism.

Blunder Broad attacks

I apologize for the generally low quality of the Blunder Broad artwork seen here. My impression is that Stantoons appeared in black-and-white, with low production values. Your average grade school mimeographed cafeteria menu of the mid-20th century probably looked better. But I don’t know for sure. I’ve never seen an original Stantoon — just scans of dubious origin and quality.

Poor Blunder Broad! Her villains always managed to turn the tables on her. Pain and humiliation were sure to follow:

Blunderbroad bound and ridden

The amazing thing about this comic strip is the sheer polymorphous perversity of it. Bondage, catfights, nipple twisting, sadistic infliction of every imaginable torment. Lesbianism, scatology, catgirls, too-friendly tigers and octopuses, feederism, splosh, ritual humiliation, it’s all in there. Rubber outfits, dildo panties, anal intrusion with just about any object that might fit. Lots of rougher stuff than we usually see today. The Blunder Broad strip invented Rule 42 before the internet existed: if a fetish exists, somebody tested it on poor hapless Blundie. Nor did the comic ignore Chekhov’s famous writerly advice about a gun on the mantle. If in one panel you see a milking machine, you can rest assured: that machine will pump away mercilessly at Blunder Broad’s ample tits before the end of the strip!

Blunder Broad hogtied and menaced with a dildo

Our hapless heroine does not always suffer. Sometimes — especially at the beginnings of stories — Blunder Broad gets to swashbuckle and be super. Of course it always goes wrong, followed by her humiliation and suffering. But in a lot of the storylines, pleasure infuses her suffering. Or perhaps it’s better to say that sometimes her antagonists inflict pleasure upon her. Maybe the masked evil-doers throw her in a cage with another captive, and provide some vile incentive to make sure that Blundie gets properly ravished while she’s helpless. No extra charge for sarcastic commentary and cruel laughter from the sidelines:

Blunder Broad pussy-licking cage fight

Although the series features some male villains, we don’t see much explicitly-drawn male/female sex in the Blunder Broad strips. In the story lines that do feature it, we usually see male butts humping away from behind, not actual cock-in-pussy fucking art. Given the bondage and fetish themes and the mores of the times, I suspect this has to do with concern about postal regulations and obscenity law. When the comic does show something shoved into a Blundie orifice, it’s usually a dildo wielded by a woman. I don’t know why lawyers recommended lesbian bondage with object-fucking in those days, but it seems they did!

Blunderbroad anal dildo ravishment

Nobody’s ever reprinted a decent comprehensive edition of all the Stantoons (which contain a great deal of other wildly transgressive fetish material). You can’t find a Blunder Broad compendium, either. That’s a pity. You can find little dribs and drabs in various art-book retrospectives covering Stanton’s prolific career, but dribs and drabs don’t do this material justice. It’s worth spending some time in the grungy internet search neighborhoods if you like this kind of thing.

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