Hottie of the week – Carlotta Champagne

carlotta champagne

With ten years in the business of modeling, Carlotta Champagne is no stranger to posing in front of the camera. Not just that, but she is also not afraid to show off all her magnificent assets that we are here for.

Even though Carlotta might not go 100% nude on Instagram, because she would be banned, she enjoys wearing a lot of see-throughs. All the sexy images of her wearing erotic lingerie are to die for. By the way, Carlotta’s boobs are very lovely and very natural. Not to mention, I am very into her nipples, too!

While you might be new to Carlotta Champagne, you need to understand that this lady is a pretty serious deal.

First and foremost, she already has well over 700k followers on Instagram, slowly approaching the 800k milestone. Moreover, Carlotta has also already worked with companies, like Playboy, Maxim, GirlsNextDoor and many more in between.

Can you find Carlotta Champagne nude anywhere?

Yes, you can! However, you will need to do your own research to find those sexy big boobs and all the other goodies of Carlotta naked and revealing. Boy is she hot as fuck!
Hint: do yourself a favor and check her out on Pate

For anyone who is still with us, all the Instagram posts that we gathered for your viewing pleasure will definitely do the trick. I could stare at that tempting frame for a very long time, not getting bored even the slightest.

There are no words that would describe the amazingness of Carlotta, better than the jaw-dropping images. At this point, I leave you to have some fun with Carlotta Champagne herself.

And if you aren’t yet following her on social media, you better, do yourself a favor and hit the follow button on Instagram. For all the other sexiness, only scientists know where to find it. But hey, you are a scientist!

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  1. rokr says:

    Are you here for the boobs or for the ass?

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