Hottie of the week – Leeshay Salman

leeshay salman

You will surely be amazed, impressed and wowed once you start examining Leeshay Salman in great detail. She is cute, adorable, weird, hot, sexy, you name it. What’s best, Leeshay does not mind to take down her pants and show us her magnificent ass. However, so far, all she does still involves clothes but it sure does involve a lot of her smooth skin.

Only sometimes, Leeshay goes either topless or bottomless. Of course, we did not yet have a chance to see her fully nude. Maybe one day that happens, too [crosses fingers].

On many pictures Leeshay posts to her Instagram, she is quite weird. But weird in a jolly and exciting way. And one thing is for sure, Leeshay Salman does like to show off her butt, bum, rear, however you want to call it. Well, it sure is a spectacular behind.

While I do not know much about the lovely brunette Leeshay, the only thing that I am truly curious about is the tattoo she rocks on the lower part of her belly. It looks like it goes straight out of her pussy. The only thing that you manage to see are the wings. What else there is, we might never find out.

In between a ton of lingerie shots, Leeshay Salman also publishes a lot of selfies, a video here and there and images from her, what I assume, local gym.

We definitely do not bother much where she comes from, what she does and other stuff about her life. What matters to us the most is Leeshay Salman’s incredible body, her professional and sometimes odd personality. It is a perfect mixture of both and other great characteristics that brought tempting Leeshay to where she is at today.

Without further ado, entertain yourself with Leeshay and her butt.

כמה תובנות שקיבלתי בזמן שלי בניו יורק.. קחו לכם רגע מתנה ממני: 1. הדבר היחידי שישאר איתך לתמיד- המשפחה שלך. 2. כסף- אמצעי ולא מטרה. 3. אין דבר כזה חברים. כולם חברים שלך עד ש…. מה שכן- ישנם אנשים שתכיר במהלך החיים שיהיו חלק ממך לתמיד וה"מילה" חברים קטנה מדי בשבילם. 4. אחד הדברים הכי יקרים שיש לנו זה חיבוק אוהב בלילה.. 5. החיים שלך קצרים מדי בשביל לתת דין וחשבון לכאלה שהם לא שלהם 🙂 6. תאהבי ותעריכי את עצמך קצת יותר ממה שאת אוהבת ומעריכה אחרים. 7. הדבר היחידי שעומד בינך לבין המטרה שלך- זה אתה. לסיכום- הכל זה לטובה 🙂 גם כשנראה שלא 🙂 * * * צלם @shaysabag555 * * * #me #leeshay #brooklyn #telaviv #israel #israeligirls #smile #bestmodel #bestisraelimodel

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Working out 😉 #gym #bestpic #hotpic #bestofday #sexymood

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עוד קצת מוגאס… #wynn #vegas

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  1. rokr says:

    Isn’t that butt top-notch?

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