July 10, 2018
pornstars first masturbating experience

14 Pornstars Share Their First Masturbating Experience

Have you ever wondered what was it like when pornstars masturbated for the very first time? Was it good? Did they enjoy it and repeated the process over and over again? Or was it something that they need to get used to it? Or maybe they even did not know […]
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August 11, 2017
Evolution Of Sex Toys Over The Last 100 Years

The Evolution Of Sex Toys Over The Last 100 Years

The adult entertainment industry is one of the leaders in many different fields, lately, virtual reality porn. But let’s take a look back 100 years to see how women pleased their snatches. There weren’t any proper sex toys available back then. More like weird devices similar to the ones mechanics […]
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June 6, 2017
indian women use nokia phones as vibrators

Indian Women Use Old Nokia Phones As Vibrators

The old saying goes, Nokia 3310s are the greatest phones of all time. Just recently, they were re-released, but the old version is still widely popular. However, not everyone is using the phone for calls and texts. What else are they using it for, then? I bet you were all […]
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