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nikki leonard

So, I am following one savage girl, Nikki Leonard, in Instagram for quite a while now. Me, being into physical activities of all sorts, of course, I enjoy watching others, especially ladies, and their progression. I just saw some sexy shots on Nikki’s Instagram profile what got me thinking, why I haven’t yet feature her on the blog yet. Ain’t she just the perfect fit for our Hottie of the week feature? A big smile decorating her face, slim and tight body, rack for miles, tattoos and full of life – Oh Boy!

Maybe girls of more muscular physiques aren’t your thing, but I know many are already drolling over Nikki. Speaking of muscles, what I like about Nikki most is the fact that she is just the right amount of strong. No too much and not too little. Her legs are nice, her back is fantastic, her butt is phenomenal, her belly toned and her boobs, well, since she wears sports bras most of the time I really cannot tell. However, I bet they are firm!

And another one ☝🏼 – – Photo cred: @samuellathrop #Wednesday 🍑

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But who exactly is Nikki Leonard? She was born on May 4, 1986 and is best known for competing in Crossfit and being a coach. While Nikki is passionate about working out, she is also enthusiastic about helping others. Her Instagram stories are full of clips and photos from her personal life, as well as from her coaching programs. Adorable Nikki sure does know a thing or two about keeping her body in the best possible shape. Not only hers but helping others achieve outstanding results, too.

Prior to getting herself into fitness and Crossfit, Nikki Leonard played lacrosse and soccer. She was quite a big deal in lacrosse. When college was over, her step-dad introduced her to fitness and bodybuilding. Nikki instantly became intrigued by it and went all in. In 2013, she began actively competing in Crossfit and slowly evolved into becoming a coach herself.

Nikki likes music, traveling, dogs and enjoying her life to the fullest.

Throwin it back 👽🖖🏻

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If fitness girls are your thing then you must definitely follow Nikki on Instagram. She is a real treat to watch who you cannot get enough of. Every day, I cannot wait for her to publish something new. Foxy lady! Now let’s together enjoy some sexy pictures of hottie Nikki.

#Friyay 🤗🤗🤗

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💋💋💋 love y'all! #Vibes

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Suns out Buns out 😎☀️ – – – #BeAnAthlete @rxshot | @officialclassifiednutrition

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Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! ❤️🤙🏻 #Friday #Vibes

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#Saturdayz with @samuellathrop 👌🏻😎 – People will judge you, copy you, hate on you, be jealous of you, take you for granted, mistake your kindness for weakness, try to steal your shine… I mean the list goes on. As irritating and hurtful as some of these things may be, I've learned that it has NOTHING to do with me & everything to do with insecurities of others. I know that despite every good and bad experience I have had, I was created for a greater purpose and each of those experiences have grown and shaped me into the woman I am today. I'm not always right and I make mistakes because I'm human. It's a lot easier to fall into a negative pattern, follow the crowd and not show your true self. But knowing I only get one shot at this life, I'd rather go against the grain, be vulnerable and show the real me. As scary as that is, this life wasn't meant for you or I to be ordinary. So choose to let your light shine, follow your heart, be kind & take risks. You never know what this life has in store, but I'm betting whatever it is, it's going to be greater than you ever imagined. – #LightAttractsLight #StandTall #BurnBright #BeBrave

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Throwing it back ✌🏻️ Goodnight luvaaaas 😘 #stayShredded

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Nothing says #Humpday like a patriotic @savageswim Booty 🍑 @samuellathrop 📸

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Repost this if I am you're #WCW 🔥 Tell me why below 👇🏻😝 #Goodnight 💋 @samuellathrop 📸

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