8 Tips How To Have Period Sex And Not Freak Out

period sex

You both thought about period sex, however, you are afraid of doing it. You are not the only one. Still, there is a ton of folks out there who do not have a problem having sex when the girl is having menstruation. Even during the first, most bloody day.

Hey, it’s just blood, it won’t hurt your dick. But it can sure get messy.

As a matter of fact, the menstruation sex is so horrifying and bizarre, or whatever, the porn version of it is banned in some of the countries. Dude, if you do not like watching menstruation porn just do not watch it. Period. You have a ton of other porn to enjoy. There are people whose fetish is period sex/porn, and you don’t want to take it away from them.

If you wonder whether you can have or can’t have sex during the period, you came to the right place. You sure CAN HAVE sex during the menstruation. It’s nothing wrong with it. It is just not the prettiest.

With all the tricks and tips we have here for you, brought to you by Hannah Witton, you can have safe period sex.


First of all, let’s together go through some of the reasons why you should have menstruation sex. Yes, should.

Some girls get super horny on their period. Don’t let the period stop you. Feel free to have sex during period.

Natural lubrication. Needless to say, the period is wet. It will help the sex be better and moisturize the things down under. Natural lube, if you will.

Orgasm can alleviate cramps. The pain the girl goes through during the menstrual cycle can be relieved with an orgasm. The climax stops the pain. Both sex and masturbation work for as long as the girl cums.
Hint: exercise also helps with cramps. I know, when a lady is already in pain, she does not really want to do any activity. It is worth giving it a try.

Sex is sex whether there is period blood or there is no period blood. If you want to have sex, you should not let a bit of blood get in your way.

It is not as messy as you think. It is all in your head.

Period blood is 100% safe. Don’t worry, it is only blood. It will not harm you.


Tips and tricks on how to have period sex

1. Put some dark towel down

This way, you will not have blood all over the bedsheets, and you will barely see it. You then just shove the bloody towel in the washer and you are done.

2. Have sex in the missionary position

It does not mean that you cannot have sex in other sex positions, too, it will just get less messy in the good old missionary. If you like to be dirty, do it in whatever way you fancy.

3. You don’t have to have penetrative sex

You read that correctly. There are loads of other ways of sex that you can enjoy with a girl when she has menstruation. For instance, stimulate the clit while the girl has a tampon or a menstrual cup in. No biggie.

4. Have sex on the lighter days

Needless to say, there will be less blood and less mess. Can you wait at least two or three days?

5. Have shower sex (or just shower afterward)

No need to worry about ruining your favorite bed sheets. Get the banging going in the shower, and it will clean you right up. Simple as that.

6. Use condoms

Not only will condoms protect you, but the rubber also creates the barrier between the cock and the blood. When done, take the condom off, throw it in the bin, and you are all good.

7. Use a soft cup

FYI: Not a menstrual cup and also not contraception.
They go inside the girl before sex, and it creates the barrier that stops the period blood getting, you know, down. On the cock! After the usage, just throw it away and don’t re-use them.

8. Blood stains are cleanable

Use cold water and salt and every bloodstain will vanish overnight. Proven technique!

Words of caution
“Can you get pregnant on period?”
This is the question that gets asked a lot. The answer is: Yes. Not to mention, woman is at higher risk of infection of STI’s. Wear protection.

There you have it, now you can be the true gent every girl dreams about, not freaking out about period sex. If she is horny as fuck during the time, build courage and help her orgasm and alleviate her pain.

To be honest, I never really had sex during the first days of menstruation. I rather wait when my lady is blood-free or at least in her lighter days. Not to mention, I am completely OK with seeing blood on myself. However, I don’t really feel comfy seeing blood on others. It’s just the way it is, and I don’t plan on doing anything about it.


  1. rokr says:

    Have you ever experienced period sex?
    If so, how was it?

    • Jerry says:

      Yes many times of course the first time I earned my “red wings” I had no idea that my girlfriend was on her period. We were at a beach party it was night time….need I say more? O.k. I will say more lol when we were finished and got back to the party my friend started laughing and pointing at me I kept asking what’s so funny? Every time he tried to speak he would start to laugh so I went to the beach park bathrooms and when I looked in the mirror I had 2 large red wings from my lips to my ears and looking at my crotch 2 large red wings from my crotch to my hips across the waist. Good times I tell ya

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