10 Most Sex-Positive Cities In The World 2020

sex positive cities

An app for the high-class adult entertainment, Lazeeva, conducted a study, rating the most sex-positive cities in the world.

Going through a ton of data and a variety of ranking factors, they managed to rank 100 cities around the globe from the most sex-positive to the least sex-positive one. Poor Cork.

All the 100 cities were ranked for ten different factors in three main categories, Libido, Sex in the City and Society and Sex.

There are several winners in each category/ranking factor, however, we have only one overall winner.

They looked deeper into how sexually active people are, how often do they use sex toys, how much they enjoy pornography and even which is the most searched porn term. You will also find which cities have the highest Swinger Score. Wanna party?

The survey involved more than 450,000 adults, men and women, from the age of 18 and up to 70. Needless to say, huge data is needed to conduct such study and Lazeeva sure is aware of that. They went all in and used their app as their main resource for the data needed to pick the most sex-friendly city in the world.

Just how sex-positive cities around the world are?

According to Lazeeva, “We also believe that to be truly sexually liberated, a city needs to have good access to modern contraception, a positive attitude to the LGBT community and equal rights for everyone.”

Later on, they linked all of their findings with reports produced by departments of health in each country. As for the Swinger Score, they combined swingers clubs with group listings and voila, you now know where to go for a proper swinger party.

The overall winner, aka the most sex-positive city on our planet is Paris, France. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and London, UK scored second and third, with Los Angeles in fourth place and Berlin, Germany in fifth.

People who like to experiment with sex the most, as well as being the most sexually active, live in Rio de Janeiro. No wonder why they plan to open the very fist sex theme park, Erotikaland, in Brazil.

Moreover, the most LGBT-friendly city is London while the biggest swingers are Berliners. Never thought Berlin and London’s folks are so naughty.

When it comes to the amount of pornography citizens consume, North America has 5 cities in the top ten, whilst the top spot ranking city is none other than, you guessed it, Sin City aka Los Angeles.

Complete list of the 10 most sex-positive cities in the world

1. Paris
2. Rio de Janeiro
3. London
4. Los Angeles
5. Berlin
6. New York City
7. Sao Paulo
8. Las Vegas
9. Ibiza Town
10. Amsterdam

Anyone surprised with the results? To be frank, I would never guess that London is actually so open-minded. Not to mention, I thought Amsterdam and Ibiza Town would rank higher. However, numbers don’t lie.

To not only speak about the most positively oriented sex cities, let’s also find which are the least sex friendly.

Cork in Ireland is deep down on the 100th place which got outranked by Bratislava (99th), Belgrade (98th), Graz (97th), Linz (96th) and Salzburg (95th).

In case you pick your travel destinations by the sex factor, boy, these 5 cities sure are not for you. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve visited most of them, and they sure are beautiful and well worth a visit.


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