Hottie of the week – The Peach Effect

the peach effect

Today is a special day because I bring you The Peach Effect. I never thought I will be posting an Instagram account like this here. In fact, I never really thought there is an account like this. And I thought this was just brilliant aka too good not to have her featured as our Hottie of the week babe.

What’s so special? I bet you already figured it out yourself.

While you will see A LOT of ass, even some boobs and nipples, you will not really see any face. As a matter of fact, she only shows her teeth and her lips every now and again. How clever! So mysterious, yet so revealing.

faceless peach proprietor

All I can guess is that she is from Australia. I do not even know what her name is. But who even gives as fuck, you get so much ass in one Instagram account it will last you for a lifetime.

Still, I am quite sure that she must be of Asian looks.

You see, in this day and age, pretty much everything is possible. You can even make your bum famous. Yes, your butt! Why would you even want to show your face, when you can wear a thousand and one different bikinis and enjoy your followers droll over you. And no one knows who you are.

Needless to say, The Peach Effect is a clever woman who knows how to stand out from the crowd, even if she will never show her face.

However, never say never.

From now onward, I will let the images and a few video clips here and there do the talking. I will urge you to give this hottie a follow, especially if you are an ass guy or girl. I know I will enjoy myself through the roof as the butt is somewhat my favorite although legs come close.

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    Are you an ass guy/girl?

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