What Is Your Sexual Potential? – female edition

sexual potential for a good fuck

It might be a surprise for some people, but we as women do have our sexuality, and it is always good to know what its potential really is. Yes, sexual potential does exist as a notion! This is the result of your sexual preferences and desires, how you express your idea of a relationship and how you consume it on a daily basis. You have to know what is your sexual potential to make the most benefit of it!

1. Dysfunctional Sexual Potential

To have a dysfunctional potential is not really dysfunctional itself. Depending on which side you see the things, this can be positive! Having dysfunctional potential means that you have a lot of requirements to achieve to feel any sexual desire towards a person.
A good fuck is impossible for you without a person you are in a relationship with! It should be a person you feel like living your whole life with! The appearance is not of much importance for you, but the personality is what you shall look for! Told you! It is not a bad thing; it is just a very high level of requirements that you have which makes it a bit harder for you!

2. The Little Fucked Sexual Potential

You are just playing the role of the big slut at the bar… And love fucking random guys, and you are not afraid to do it! You can get exactly what you want, and you clearly know that what you want is a big cock! You are a flirtatious type of person, and you are usually in the dominatrix of his dreams, so every guy can kneel in front of you!

sexual potential for a good blowjob

3. Artsy Potential

You are a very creative person and love doing innovative things with the power of your mind or straightforward with your hands. It is very important for you not to be restricted and to be let do whatever you need to feel happy. This is no hard thing… I can’t recall a man who is no mesmerized by a woman who is very handy! The handjob and the erotic massage that you usually give to a man is a thing to die for! And they are crawling on their knees to have your hands on them!

4. The Stripper Sexual Potential

As a personality, this woman is very flirtatious. However, she is a bit shy and not really popping up. She wants to stay in the dark and glow up once an evening for a couple of minutes, but OMG, HOW! Girls like this should find a way to pop in the bedroom! Such a woman is a cheetah. She got slow moves, but they are attractive and appealing with their looks words!

female sexual potentian

A striptease class is a great option. It perfectly fits her personality and makes it feel in her own territory. This woman is a big player in a not that attractive package!  She is a massive surprise, and nobody can guess what is really going on in her mind! A mystery bang to die for!

Your sexual potential is an important part of your sexual personality. It is important to know it so that you can make the most benefit of it! Listening to your body ad desires is the best you can do! For your sexual satisfaction! On the other hand, if you feel like a little role play, you can always try and get the traits of another sexual potential type! It is a lot of fun to role play with this! Go try it NOW!


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