Science Of Spanking Ass: Spank With Love [Infographic]

how to spank ass

The science of spanking ass revealed – FINALLY!

science of spanking ass



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So, I guess you think you are the best in the world when it comes to spanking ass. Am I right? Well, be aware, there is always someone cooler than you. Or he just pretends he is cooler and you actually are the best in making that ass red.

Maybe you happen to be true to yourself and believe that an extra tip or trick won’t hurt. You could not be more correct! On the other hand, if you just got yourself into the butt smacking game and are unsure how to do it properly, we have a special infographic ready for you.

The science of spanking ass will guide you to successfully bringing great pleasure to a female. If you do not know it yet, indeed, girls like to be spanked. That is a fact. And if there is a chick who says she is not into it, she is just too shy to admit it.

However, if you find a girl who wants you to smack her bum, boy, that is probably wifey material.

So, why exactly do girls like to be spanked?

It is due to being the “nasty stuff” that makes them aroused through the roof. It makes them feel they were bad people and that just spices things up.

To be frank, there does not have to be a specific reason behind it. After talking to my lady friend, she says what makes spanking feel good for her is due to the fact that she knows the boy likes it.

Do men really like spanking ladies?

It sure does feel nice when you aim your hand towards the butt and slap it acceptably hard.

But the best way to find the right answer is just to ask the girl you are about to smack on the ass.

Every woman is different.

What about a female spanking male? Even guys like to be treated in the same manner as the chicks. But chances are, there is no way a stud will say it aloud.

Now let’s get on with the science of spanking ass

steps how to approach lady to spank her ass

First, you need to approach the lady in the right way. Talk to her, follow the rules and gently caress the butt. Take the time and work your way up slowly and steadily.

There is no need to rush.

Give it a firm pinch before you let her experience a few quick slaps. When her ass gets warm and the first signs of redness occur, it is time for the big shebang. She might even scream, but that is all pure pleasure.

become a professional ass spanker

Second, do not lack professionalism. Before you aim for the bottom, know what you are doing.

This infographic will turn you into a real spanking king. Every girl who you will encounter will want you to do her more often.

Three main things to know about are: don’t smack the tailbone, give just enough pain and swing your whole arm, not just the wrist.

Only by following these three principles, you will already be above the average ass spanker.

Additionally, mix open and cupped hand, and even play around with silk and leather gloves. Some fetish play never hurt anybody.

Third, mix spanking ass with sex. You can do it in all sorts of ways that will feel beneficial for both of you. In a doggy style, when she rides you in a (reverse) cowgirl, spooning, you name it, the options are endless.

Last but definitely not least, play it safe. There is no need to harm anybody (unless they want it rough).

A good conversation leads to epic sensations and pleasurable moments that will last in your brain forever.

Make the experience an unforgettable one each and every time.

And, by all means, do involve spanking ass and play around with different ways how to do it.


  1. Dan says:

    Ass-spanking happens naturally, when a guy takes his lady from behind with his cock and pounds her ass-cheeks with his hips.

    You can literally hear the ass-slapping sounds, when the guy pounds. And in this situation, the lady doesn’t even need to see the guy go balls-deep inside her pussy or ass with his cock. She knows for sure he goes balls-deep inside her every time.

    It’s a good way to make it hot for the lady. Because the lady usually can’t see her own penetration. She needs to hear those ass-slapping sounds to imagine how the guy pounds and get into it with him for mutual enjoyment.

  2. rokr says:

    What method do you use to spank that ass?

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