Vaginal Bleaching (Or How To Whiten Your Pussy)

Have you ever thought of bleaching your pussy?

vaginal bleaching



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We are back with another educational infographic, this time, talking about vaginal bleaching.

Yes, you read that right.

Ah, it is almost ridiculous to think how far we came. Teeth whitening, pussy whitening, I wonder if cock whitening exists, too? As a matter of fact, I actually do not want to know about it? But if you have any info, share it in the comments below, who knows, we might make an infographic about it.

Anyhow, today, we will take a peek at how you can get your pussy to shine. If you have the budget, you can go to a professional who will do the thing with a laser. Still, you do need to undergo a minimum of three sessions to see the desired results.

On the other hand, you can also use creams or home-made solutions that you apply to your va-jay-jay and go from there. But first, make sure you get a better understanding and the possible inconvenience that pussy whitening can bring.

What is the whole deal around vaginal bleaching?

1. It aims to remove darker skin tissue permanently
Apparently, the darker skin/tissue around the pussy bothers some women. Or are men the ones that are telling ladies that they do not like the way how the pussy looks? That is something I cannot speak about since I truly like the vagina exactly as is.

2. It takes at least three (usually) more sessions
Nope, you will not get away with it in just one session. You will feel lucky if three will do the trick.

3. 10-15 minutes under the laser per session
One session does not take long at all, but who even wants to be under the laser for any longer than fifteen minutes?

4. It can cost up to around $500 per session
On top of it all, it is pretty damn pricey!

5. The first sexual intercourse only after 3-4 days after the last session
If you are a horny individual, you will need to wait for several days before enjoying yourself in sexual intercourse.

6. You can also use a bleaching cream at home
By the way, there are less expensive options for vaginal bleaching. Not that we are experts at this, but all sorts of different creams and concoctions exist that will whiten your pussy.

7. You can whiten your pussy with lemon juice or orange peel, too
Lastly, there are natural alternatives, like lemon juice and orange peel, that might get your vagina all bright and shiny, too.

Special vPorn note:

All the ladies out there, I kindly ask you to read the following before you consider the idea of whitening your pussy.

– Your pussy is beautiful as is
The natural muff is the best muff.

– Your pussy is unique and appetizing
It is no secret that everyone enjoys tasting the juicy pussy.

– Your pussy makes men (and women) go crazy
One glimpse at pussy and the body juices start flowing immediately.

– Your pussy gets the juices flowing
Read the last point.

– Your pussy is delicate
No need to say anything else.

Last and final note: Do you need vaginal bleaching? Of course not, you silly!

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