Why You Should Swallow Semen [Infographic]

benefits of swallowing cum

The 9 benefits for swallowing cum

why you should swallow cum



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So, you know your partner wants you to swallow his semen but you are just not into it? After checking out this super fun and educational infographic, you might start to think differently.

Who would have thought that cum is actually good for you? Not just good but healthy in every meaning of the word. You read that correctly.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why you should start swallowing semen, however, we focused on nine main ones. If these do not convince you to at least give it a shot, then probably nothing else will.

But why would you not want to surprise your partner and make him feel like he is on top of the world?

This might be a great opportunity for everyone who forgets to buy a birthday present. There is no better gift other than going down in him like a pro. You can even gain some blowjob tips from pornstars before you take the action.

Or in case you need to educate yourself even more, read about how to please a man and the anatomy of male pleasure first. Education is key to success!

But I am not here to convince you what you should and should not do. You choose, I am just opening your minds and getting you familiar with the fact that there is nothing wrong with Mother Nature’s produce.

In fact, it will do you only good. Yes, I am talking about sperm!

I should not be wasting your time any longer and finally dive deeper into the reasons why you should swallow. There is nothing wrong with doing it, and it is proven that when a woman is aroused disgust somehow mysteriously disappears.

Moreover, we could say the same is for men. And if eating sperm is not your thing after all, have you considered mixing it into pancake batter?

For your information, there was an entire cookbook written solely dedicated to using semen in cooking. But this, my friends, could be another infographic.


The amazing benefits of swallowing semen


1. It is a multivitamin

First things first, you need to take care of your vitamin intake. If your current diet is not nutrient rich, you might solve the problem with a regular swallow. Jizz is not only full of protein, it is also rich in calcium, fructose sugar, B12, zinc and vitamin C amongst many other vitamins and minerals. But the amount of each varies depending on the age of the men.

2. You’ll stay younger longer

Since we started with vitamins and minerals, let’s continue with them. Everybody wants to look younger, that is a fact. But it is not only about working out and having a healthy diet that makes you look fresher. Since there is quite a decent amount of zinc in sperm, by swallowing it, you can slow down the aging process. Zinc, they say, is an antioxidant which plays a big part in skin and muscle aging.

3. You will sleep better

Surprisingly, it is not only because of the fact that you just had sex why you feel so sleepy. Sure, it might be a real workout but there is another reason which possibly has an even bigger effect on your sleepiness. Semen! It contains melatonin which, if ingested, vaginally or orally, enters your bloodstream and causes the feeling of sleepiness and relaxation. Do you have problems with insomnia? Try swallowing cum and it might solve the problem.

benefits of eating male sperms

4. Helps fight depression

If you are facing depression and cannot find a way out, again, getting a daily dose of semen intake could be the solution. The easiest solution! Cum is full of hormones which might help you fight the bastard, D, and enjoy your life to the fullest.

5. Boosts mood

The last benefit of sperm correlates with energy increase aka bosting mood. While sex, on its own, probably always makes you feel better, ramp things up a bit with finishing him off by gulping down the white penis cream. Moreover, this will make him full of joy what will make you hyped, too. Spunk the mood booster!

6. Lowers blood pressure

This one is especially important for the pregnant women. During pregnancy, preeclampsia could cause quite some issues. It causes blood pressure to go through the roof and that is not something a soon-to-be-mother wants to undergo. To prevent it, girls who swallow have a lower risk of preeclampsia.

women who swallow are healthier

7. You’ll drive your man crazy

Unquestionably, your partner will go berzerk when you take it out and put it into your mouth upon ejaculation. Not only that, by sucking every last drop out of it and swallowing, he will love you ten times more. Especially if you do it for the first time. That said, if you like to try different things and if you have not give jizz a taste yet, by all means, do it with your next sexual intercourse.

8. Cures morning sickness

Pregnant women in their first trimester might avoid morning sickness by swallowing sperm.

However, there is a catch. She should be ingesting sperm that caused pregnancy and not one from a complete stranger. It is said that morning sickness appears because “their bodies reject the semen’s genetic material as a foreign body.” By consuming cum, the body can build up tolerance to it.

9. Enhances your memory

Not only memory, semen can also improve concentration in girls who swallow. Is a big exam coming up? Start swallowing on a daily basis and it might help you pass it easier.

There you have it, the nine benefits of the good old sperm. If your partner is not into it, just show them this lovely infographic, educate them, and they might start considering it.

Let her practice with a small drop first and make her slowly get used to the taste. Also, eat a pineapple the day before and make your sperm taste sweet.


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    the information given really removes scepticism and a host of silly doubts.I welcome this information and advise others to have a sincere trial!!!

  2. rokr says:

    Is your partner a swallower?

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