19 Top Hottest Redhead Pornstars 2020

redhead pornstars

If you are a fan of redhead pornstars, you came to the right place. We bring you some of the best, hottest and wildest adult actresses that sport vivid red hair, as well as natural ginger pornstars and those who are taking things to an entirely new level. Both with their hairstyles and their impressive porn scenes.

One thing is for sure, all these porn superstars are out of this world. From all natural redheads to those who dye their hair regularly to look fresh all the time, you get them all and then some. No need to look elsewhere, enjoy yourself to the fullest and start following all that you were unaware of their existence. There is a lot of research you still need to do – you know, for science.

The hottest redhead pornstars

Lenina Crowne

lenina crowne
Are you looking for a natural redhead pornstar? If that is the case, you better not miss the British goddess herself, Lenina Crowne. This hottie might not be in the hardcore porn business for too long, however, she is already making some big moves. With that perfect body and pretty face, she appears like a human-like doll. She is glamorous, and she sure is nasty and perverted all at the same time. After all, Lenina is into taboo sex the most. Moreover, Lenina Crowne was born on September 18, 1995, in London, UK. Before she started having sex in front of the lens and working with some of the bigger porn studies, Lenina was an avid webcam model.

Instagram: instagram.com/ms.leninacrowne/
Twitter: twitter.com/xleninacrowne

Lacy Lennon

lacy lennon
Lacy Lennon is an absolute stunner who just recently entered the Smut world. However, she already skyrocketed to success due to her incredible look and a massive passion for fucking. Indeed, Lacy Lennon is an all-natural redhead pornstar who is glamorous, sexy, trendy and wild at the same time. It is no secret that porn fans from all over the globe are going mad for this chick. And I am no different. Born on January 23, 1997, in North Carolina, Lacy is a skinny babe who almost looks like a ballerina. Guess who she likes to have sex with the most? MILFs! Yes, you read that right.

Instagram: instagram.com/misslacylennon/
Twitter: twitter.com/MissLacyLennon

Lauren Phillips

lauren phillips
Lauren Phillips is a smoking hot and tall redhead pornstar that knocks your socks off in an instant. The all-natural beauty was born on December 8, 1987, in New Jersey and did dancing professionally before she dived into the adult entertainment industry full-time. She first touched the world of adult webcamming back in 2013. Young Lauren enjoyed doing sex cam shows so much, she decided to take the extra step and try shooting porn, and the rest was history. Thanks to her dancing career, Lauren Phillips is this athletic ballerina who does splits on rock solid cocks without trouble. Call her a redhead or even a ginger pornstar, whatever it is, it suits Lauren perfectly, but it’s her porn scenes that will take you over and above.

Instagram: instagram.com/laurenfillsup/
Twitter: twitter.com/laurenfillsup_

Luna Lain

luna lain redhead pornstar
Luna Lain looks like a pin-up girl but at the same time, she has that girl-next-door vibe to her. This redhead pornstar is gaining a huge following now. Luna is quite passionate about dancing. She mastered the arts of pole dancing and belly dancing when she was a teenager. She took the excitement that she felt doing the live dance performances and moved on towards modeling as she grew older. From there, Luna was offered to go nude, which she reluctantly accepted at first and she has never looked back. From being a shy young model, she blossomed into a confident adult performer.

Twitter: twitter.com/lunalainxx

Madison Ivy

madison ivy redhead pornstar
Madison Ivy is a mini fuck machine. Standing at 4’11” she is arguably one of the smallest redhead pornstars working in the adult industry today. Born in Germany, Madison was raised in Texas. You can say that she grew up to be an all-American sweet girl. Thankfully, Madison decided to work in the adult film industry. It should not come as a surprise that she also works as a yoga instructor. That’s quite evident with how flexible her body is when Madison is doing her XXX scenes. She can literally fuck while her legs are anchored behind her head. Few pornstars out there can match that.

Instagram: instagram.com/420madisonivy/
Twitter: twitter.com/madison420ivy

Monique Alexander

monique alexander redhead pornstar
For more than ten years now, Monique Alexander has been riding dicks in front of cameras to please fans all over the world. Thankfully, this red hair pornstar is not showing any signs of slowing down. Monique has amazingly enhanced boobs and tight ass that has made her the fornicating superstar that she is now. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed, she has earned several awards for her performances. Monique has even been noticed by the mainstream media. Hopefully, we can still count on getting more porn videos of Monique fucking like a whore. Her legion of fans would surely love everything she will be making.

Instagram: instagram.com/realmoniquealexander/
Twitter: twitter.com/moniquealexande

Amina Danger

amina danger redhead pornstar
Born in Romania, Amina Danger has that wild European chick vibe to her. You just know that she has a wild side to her. This redhead pornstar does not play by the rules. With her fine ass and smooth complexion, Amina can command the scene with her playful smile. You just know that she has something really naughty and raunchy in mind when she throws off that look. Amina has a tendency to be dominant but with the right guy, she’s perfectly willing to become submissive. Just as long as she gets a cock sliding in and out of her pussy, she’s good.

Instagram: instagram.com/aminadanger_official/
Twitter: twitter.com/aminadangerxxx

Ella Hughes

ella hughes redhead pornstar
Petite and cute, Ella Hughes is one of the top red head pornstars today. She has creamy smooth skin and a beautiful face, which drives fans crazy about her. Ella has a sweet and innocent appeal about her which is why her wild scenes are doubly effective. Beneath her girl next door look, lies a cum-hungry slut, who is ready to fuck any huge dick that she can get her hands on. She first started out as a commercial model and from there, Ella tried fetish, then glamour, and then to the full blown hardcore pornography. Looking at Ella’s face, you would be surprised at the things she’s willing to try in front of the camera.

Instagram: instagram.com/hughesthatgurl/
Twitter: twitter.com/ellahughesxxx

Syren De Mer

syren de mer redhead pornstar
Syren De Mer grew up Washington. She moved to Seattle in college in order to study photography. It didn’t take long for her to move behind the camera to being in front of it. Wile modeling, Syren was satisfying her horny cravings by visiting swinger clubs. Soon, she was also doing adult modeling and that was how she was discovered to become a redhead pornstar. It’s not common for an adult film actress to get started when she’s in her late 30s but then again, Syren is not your typical porn actress. With her awesome body and raw sexual charm, she’s a natural.

Instagram: instagram.com/SyrenDeMer/
Twitter: twitter.com/syrendemerxxx

Jillian Janson

jillian janson redhead
Well, not that she is always a redhead, but when Jillian Janson dyes her hair red, boy is she a hottie. On the other hand, Jillian is always a hot babe who is no stranger to doing some super perverted stuff in front of the camera. She might have a look of a shy girl next door, however, Janson is nothing compared to that. Instead, this babe will knock your socks off with her vivid and wicked porn performances. Needless to say, Jillian Janson always gives it all her best to please everyone’s desire, no matter how dirty it might be. Jillian was born on May 23, 1995, in Minneapolis, Minnesota and sports a skinny and very eye catchy body physique.

Instagram: instagram.com/jillianjansonxx/
Twitter: twitter.com/xojillianjanson

Maddy Oreilly

maddy oreilly redhead pornstar
Maddy Oreilly is too sexual that she felt compelled to go into the porn industry. This southern belle is oozing with sexual appeal. She’s ready to please and she’s wiling to use any part of her body. She’s just as ready to eat a pussy as she is to suck a dick. Maddy’s sweet looks combined with her willingness to do the raunchiest sex scenes is one of the reasons why she is one of the most popular redhead pornstars today. Maddy used to be a straight A student but when she got a taste of the porn industry, there was no turning back for her. Maddy is hooked and so are we!

Instagram: instagram.com/xmaddyoreillyx/

Tana Lea

tana lea redhead pornstar
Tana comes with a pair of tits so large that they demand to be noticed. This Texas native never runs out of guys wanting to fuck her that she never has to resort to masturbating. While working as a bartender, a rep from the adult industry noticed her. She was sent to the AVN Awards where she met starlets in the industry and that’s how Tana got started in the Smut industry. With her looks, it did not take long for Tana to rise as one of the up and coming redhead pornstars. By now, Tana has lost track of the number of people that she has fucked but she estimates that it’s between 400 and 500.

Instagram: instagram.com/thetanalea/
Twitter: twitter.com/thetanalea

Anna Bell Peaks

anna bell peaks redhead pornstar
If you get turned on by inked pornstars, then Anna Bell Peaks should give you a real boner. With tattoos back and front, Anna exudes that daring vibe. You just know that she would be willing to try out the craziest of things when doing a scene and even when fucking in private. Like with many other redhead pornstars today, Anna got her start by webcamming. She was spotted by a scout and so was offered a chance to shoot a scene. Anna readily accepted the offer and that was it. She had an easy time adjusting to her new career.

Instagram: instagram.com/annabellpeaksxx/
Twitter: twitter.com/annabellpeaksxx

Penny Pax

penny pax redhead pornstar
Penny Pax is the ultimate fantasy of many redhead pornstar lovers out there today. She started out with a bang when she got nominated several AVN Awards including Best Actress and Best New Starlet. There’s no surprise that Penny is on her way to becoming one of the top names in the porn industry. While working as a lifeguard, Penny posted some sexy pictures online and a modeling agency contacted her right away. She got into it with ease. Penny did all kinds of crazy acts that you would expect from a more seasoned porn actress. That’s why she’s at the top.

Twitter: twitter.com/pennypax

Princess Paris

princess paris redhead pornstar
Little is known about Princess Paris and that’s just how this Ukrainian actress likes it. What’s known is that she is slowly making her way to becoming the leading redhead pornstar in the industry. Princess has a love for the dramatic and the theatrical. That’s why every scene that she’s in becomes a spectacle. She loves to fuck, and it does not matter what kind of scene she is doing, she gives it her all. With a pair of massively natural tits and a tendency to make all her scenes as raunchy and as dirty as possible, Princess can draw fans all over the world.

Twitter: twitter.com/_princess_paris

Krystal Orchid

krystal orchid redhead pornstar
Krystal Orchid is a sweet looking girl complete with braces. She’s also one of the raunchiest redhead pornstars today pumping her ass on her way to stardom. She brands herself as a fairy princess who is out to explore her sexuality. She loves playing with herself in front of the camera and showing off her boobs and nipples on her social media account. When she’s not doing naughty stuff, she pursues her nerdy hobbies like cosplaying. Though she’s as delicate as her namesakes, she works hard whenever she’s doing a scene. That shows with the passion that all of us get to enjoy.

Twitter: twitter.com/krystalorchid

Amber Ivy

amber ivy redhead pornstar
Amber Ivy claims that she started doing porn in order to get back on an ex. That may be the case but with the obvious way that she is enjoying when doing her scenes, you would suspect that she got into porn because she’s one horny slut. While working in a strip club, Amber met a pornstar who helped her to get into the adult entertainment industry. Pretty soon, she’s working hard getting fucked in front of the camera. It was that easy for Amber to get into porn because of her stunning looks, but it was her willingness to push her limits that has turned her into one of the hottest redhead pornstars today.

Twitter: twitter.com/amberivyxo

Dani Jensen

dani jensen redhead pornstar
Dani Jensen is certainly one of the top natural redhead pornstars getting fucked in the industry today. Yes, she’s a natural redhead. Just look at her pubes, which she doesn’t shave off completely for all the ginger lovers out there. She started out as a stripper in California where she got fucked by a lot of dicks. Good thing, Dani got discovered and has moved on to being fucked in front of cameras, so more guys can get to enjoy her. She took time off, so she could go back to school, but now Dani is back and she’s ready to take on more cocks and even more daring roles.

Twitter: twitter.com/xdanixjensenx

Dee Dee Lynn

dee dee lynn redhead pornstar
Dee Dee Lynn is arguably one of the hottest redhead pornstars to break into the adult film scene I recent years. She’s got smooth, creamy skin, natural body, and a fresh freckled face. She also has all-natural boobs and tight butt. Dee Dee started out by webcamming and then she and her hubby began doing their own videos. She got noticed and was given an opportunity to join the big leagues. This nubile beauty has gathered her own legion of fans because of her looks and her awesome performances in front of the camera. When she’s not shooting a scene, Dee Dee spends her time playing video games and rubbing one out with a dildo.

Twitter: twitter.com/rawrbabyxx

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